New Year, New Cooch

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Over the past year I've been enjoying adding pampering for the love below. It's important to keep the Kitty Pretty ;) I found a really good waxer n followed her to Waxing in the City tucked away in Alexandria. Jasmine is such a doll. She takes care of my kitty every few months with ease. I remember my first bikini wax was horror. Felt like my lips was being ripped off. As I left wondering if my vulva was still in tact, I said phk that...I'll stick to shaving before I go thru THAT again. As the years went on I became more n more curious of the Brazilian but I was still leery from my traumatic experience. I came across Jasmine n warned her I might suffer from PTSD in hopes I didn't connect my knee to her forehead by chance :7 She talked me thru it n the wax was soothing-THANK GAWD!! It's been smooth (pun intended) sailing ever since. 

My newest Kitty pamper is the V steam by Endee at Womb Therapy OMG!!! I've been sitting on the side lines for so long waiting to take the plunge n I finally made the leap a few months ago. At first I went in with no expectations and she was very informative on the love below. You start out with stretching and then go into the steaming session. After my first session I felt so relaxed. It's basically a sauna from the waist below. There are many benefits to the steam which you can find on her site but mine were quite different. It was more so a spiritual kinda benefit for me. I felt rejuvenated with a cleansed spirit. I had such a positive-everything that week and random blessings occurred. I don't know if it was just luck or from positive energy I exuded but it was magical. I just had my 2nd one last week and I've already been a ball of emotions from the holidays. I can say it will truly reset your body to be more in tune with it. Your cookies will definitely be on tsunami mode-for sure!!!

I would highly recommend every woman to do it at least one time. I would go once a month if I could. I'd love to hear everyone else's experience or even fears of trying it. It's a meditating moment which has opened up my creative mind n got the juices flowing-literally lol. Take care of your kitty as well as u take care of ur nails, hair, feet n etc. My girls stay booked for a reason n I'll indulge no matter what the cost becuz I love it. What I'd really love to do is both a wax and steam in one day. Quite sure the steam would make a wax be a breeze n u could walk around wit that kitty feeling like a million bucks **cue MC Brains song** Step outside the box to elevate ur box haha. 


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  1. I've been so curious about the V steam. I've seen it on a few TV shows and they all loved the experience. I need to try out this new new in 2018.