Spring Break '18

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A few weeks ago I enjoyed spring break awaaaay! Just away. Not away from home, work or life but away from social media. I always hear n see folks taking social media breaks n it seems to do some kind of good so I figured what better time to break away than Spring Break. I needed to do some revamping anyways. I was growing bored n uninspired by everything. I knew I needed to regroup and re-evaluate some moves or lack of I was making. Where do u begin when u know u need some type of change to refocus in the right direction n build some steam for the boat to go full steam ahead...

I enjoyed a wonderful spa day filled with a massage n facial w/a hint of lounging n capped off with lunch. I grabbed this book on a whim because it spoke to me. I only intended to get one book n seen the "inspire & motivation" section <3 I was like oh wow...I preach this myself so lemme take a looksy. The practice of mindfulness is confirmation for me that I am on the right path of the energy I've been exuding for a while now. Within the last few years or so I have witnessed n been apart of the importance to manifest the things u want in life. I show gratitude wholeheartedly for what I have, don't have n what's to come. I pay more attention to the universe talking to me n I can honestly say-it's dangerous to be so mindful n aware. I am literally scared of myself. There are times it's hard to sleep feeling like something unknown is gonna make such a positive impact in ur life but u don't know when or how. Learning to be in tune with my body as I've previously stated was just the beginning. I've leveled up since through reading this book. 

There are numerous books on Mindfulness. It kinda reminds me of the lifestyle of a Buddhist because it offers ways to practice meditation and just basically not making life more complicated than it has to be. With recent changes since the new year began I've been learning the art of patience. I've also recognized that listen n silent are composed of the same letters. For someone as openly opinionated, sarcastic n expressive sometimes it feels good to sit back on mute n just let shyt play out (as I foresee they will). A wise man once told me "sometimes peeping is better than speaking" so I've been doin just that. Erybody gotta learn for themselves but the told ya so windows stay cleaned with windex lol. 

I am a humorous person who might joke a lot but one thing I know I won't compromise is my PEACE n space of positive energy. You ever notice as time goes on there's a distance between friends and/or family. Yes, life does happen where u might drift off for whatever reason but at the end of the day we make time for what we want. We prioritize as we see fit. I choose to not put myself in uncomfortable situations where I might pop off nor do I wanna engage in reality show types of behaviors (i.e ratchet shyt). I'm on the hunt for spiritual and empowering retreats with an open mind to connect with a good tribe of like minded people. I need and appreciate accountability partners because I am a procrastinator n I do need a jolt here n there. I meeeean I almost didn't even do this post but it was on my heart for weeks n I needed to dump it so I can move forward. So I am appreciative for those that do hit me up like "Kisha get yo shyt together and..." 

Aside from reading books for personal growth, I've taken a liking to podcasts. So I will be honest...when I upgraded my phone a few yrs ago n seen the app I immediately deleted it becuz I just didn't have an interest into it. Part of my loss of inspiration-the radio. I just got tired of listening to music...period. I added the app back, asked for suggestions on good podcasts n been loving it ever since. I mix it up between ratchet: Brilliant Idiots, Breakfast Club, The Read (I feel like I should be on there myself) and Joe Budden & friends. Because I need a balance to not just soak up ratchet shyt, I tone it down with Hey Girl by Alex Elle, Myliek Teele, Oprah Super Soul Sessions and start my day with The Quote of the Day for an inspirational quote that sets the tone. Marci actually put me on to some good branding business ones like Hashtag n Stilettos n side hustle pro which host a wealth of info. 

So although I wasn't being the typical college student who jetted off to Florida or Cancun for keg parties n wet tshirt contests (remember those girls gone wild days lol) n opted for table of one's curled up in a book at Cheesecake Factory or Panera and scenic routes to enjoy listening to the last 30 min of a good podcast show. I've continued it even after spring break. Every few days just taking a break has done wonders. Putting the phone down to be present and in the moment is important. People watching is quite fun too. 

I still have a soft spot for makeup although I haven't been wow'd by anything in a long time. With me dwindling my stash down, tossing shyt that doesn't work or gone bad n overall recognizing there is no color or finish of shades I don't have or haven't tried, I'm not inclined to impulsively try makeup like I used to. I am boring n hella natural faced at work (Mon-Thurs, bare af on Fri) and even being a homebody when I do throw a face on it's so un-drag like...ugh!!! I'm tryin to be a minimalist y'all lol. Skincare has been my biggest obsession now tho. It's really tough to review or get a good take on becuz u don't see the results til after a few weeks or months of consistently using it. With the wonkiness of the climate my face needed an overhaul. My regimen was not cutting it. I've found this combo from Kiehl's to be effective within a week. My target was dry under eyes n becuz I seen how fast their dark spot serum works I feel its a trusted brand worthy to be rotated in my stash. The eye treatment is RICH n thick so I was taught to emulsify it in my fingers FIRST then pat it vs just wiping n smearing it to apply-trust me how u use it makes a big difference n I'm just now learning this **le sigh**

Aaaaah so Spring is here n we are surely ready for warmer days but as a winter baby n lover of snow...I am here for it all. I think it's quite interesting that it snowed literally on the first day of Spring. That says a lot yet we not paying attention because it's overshadowed with grunts of angry birds. God has a sense of humor that's for sure. I'm just ready for these months to get a move on. I am gearing up for the next chapter in my life of elevation n soooo excited of a bright future. After this semester, I have 2 classes left before I graduate-EEEEK!!! freaking graduaaaate. I'm looking forward to that n Mason transitioning into middle school (lawd I'm not ready).

Hair: The Damn Salon (urban twist)
Top: Topshop @nordstrom
camo: I've had these since my fat days-can't remember
boots: Isabel Marant @closetsavvyconsigment (IG)
photographer: Mason

So yea...don't mind me. Just over here minding my business n letting my edges flourish as I continue to wallow in greatness. I do suggest a break here n there to revamp because u come back wit a different mindset. It can be an enlightening moment when u pause to pay attention n actually listen to the instincts u prolly been shutting out wit so much chatter of the surroundings. I've thrown a few things into the atmosphere n we shall see how they fall. My sister is into tapping into those 7 chakra's n healing crystals so I need her to gimme a beginners guide. Last time I hugged her n she said she felt my energy-like strong energy O_o I must be doin something right lol. I just want to continue to live right n do whatever God puts on my heart to do. 


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