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I was able to muster up some energy this past weekend to be social n mixy :) Over these past umpteen weeks or so I've been such a drag! About a month ago, I was scrolling my TL and seen Influencer n Blogger Dayna Bolden was hosting an event in Bmore n rushed to hit the link-clearly my rush was slower than others cuz it was SOLD OUT!! I went back to the post n hit the "devastated why me" emoji cry face becuz I'm like ugh, this would've been perfect since it's local. Welp, as luck would have it she hit me up in the DM's wit the stay tuned I might open up more seats msg n I set aside my funds ASAP just in case. I went on about life n thought nothin of it until on a clear sunny day, I received a msg with an event link and VOILA!! The pearly gates had opened...for me..lil ol' me <3 I was on point n on time as I made SURE to grab a tkt this go round. I mean I'd hate to miss out again n have to show up anyways where it just so happens someone "accidentally" tripped off a curb then graciously hand me their tkt as their being hauled into an ambulance n could no longer attend themselves-just saying! After the score of the golden tkt now comes the wait and anticipation for the event. It was a good month out but I patiently waited and shared in the excitement of the countdown. After all, I had been hibernating dmn near all year or so anyways n wanted to test the waters a bit since I threw it in the atmosphere how I wanted to start attending more blogger events. 

The time has come!! Its finally here-EEEK!! I have no idea what to expect. I kinda like going in blindly with no expectations these days. I mean I only know Dayna from who she portrays on social media sooooo let's see how this translates in person. I walked in while Michelle Mckinney was speaking. I was happy to see her since I also follow her and enjoy her life coaching-ness. I am instantly entranced n sucked all the way in. The jewels she dropped n the style in how she presented a stop the excuses n get off ur azz approach was amazing. What really struck me was mentioning that we downplay our achievements. The way we introduce ourselves n not make it seem like we are a big deal when the mentality we need to be having is "I AM THE SHYT". Woooow, it was like deja vu. It's the same thing I've been preaching for us to do. This is the attitude I exude to "Inspire.Motivate.Elevate" within my movement n to hear someone else say it was like OH YEA...she gets me!!! This was like a full circle message for me n confirmed I'm on the right track. The confidence in her speaking and examples she made of us had me in awe. She is such a BOLD light n I can see why Dayna has such an asset within her tribe. We were all in there soaking it up and taking notes. Her vibe n her energy was the perfect kickoff to the event. 

Food was delish :P I devoured this shrimp n grits

After Michelle snatched our edges n sashayed off the stage, it was time to mingle n mix. I was then able to look around n peep the attention to details of the event. It was beautiful. From the time u walk in your greeted, sit down and there's a notebook n pen along with a pamphlet or guide pretty much but more importantly the attendees. You could feel the sisterhood of strangers who all gathered to be within the same space as someone we look up to and admire. I must say...I've been to a few blogger type events but NONE like this. Dayna really attracts beautiful souls. Whether u came with friends or solo there was no shortage of love exuding in the room from all angles filled with women. To put on an event at this magnitude couldn't have been an easy task. It was well over 100 women yet no more than 200 so it was still intimate n not overcrowded. You could still work the room and engage with everyone. I was highly impressed. 

Engaging was one of the best parts. To hear people came from near and far melted my heart. We wrote our 2019 goals on a postcard n posted on the wall after unclipping a message attached to the pin. How neat. Who came up with this idea n I'm excited to receive the same postcard a year from now to see where I stand. It puts u in the mindset to start NOW to get the engines started for 2019 and y'all know I'm all for forward thinking!! 

My Fellow Blogger Sis came all the way from Chicago @kimberlymichellelife <3 We met earlier this year in the Blog With Kim group n she's THE Queen of flat lays.
I seen them n KNEW i needed to know them n stay connected. Anyone who can step out n phkn crush the mixed print game can't go unacknowledged n has to know-I'm stalkin!! @mikaela.phabon n @simplyshannah

Quick Story: When I entered the building I seen STEPS that looked like it led to Jesus chin, so I asked security at the front desk...umm do we not have any ELEVATORS n if not...how many flights I need to catch (becuz I wanted to prep him for the 911 call he was gonna receive or make for shortness of breff when I made it to the top) and he says...oh not many just a few flights. I took a deep inhale n exhale n started up the first flight. I pause n see a 2nd flight but also trying to look up to the top to see how many more I had left. Hell y'all know them old azz buildings in Bmore be steep!! I get to what must've been the halfway mark n see this sign. Now of course I rolled my eyes after reading it like umm Dayna...ain't no elevator to success but it dmn sure needs to be one for those carrying EXTRA CARGO!!! But I took it in stride n the message was well received. I was able to make it to the top without going out like Fred Sanford to see Elizabeth **clutches chest to brace for heart attack** 

Ok, so after mixing n mingling...it was now time for the woman of the hour to set the stage ablaze. This is what we came here for. Her host, Chardelle Moore was wonderful as well. She asked Dayna what we was thinking: How'd u get started? Did u ever think you'd be here? How do u maintain focus n balance? There was a plethora of questions n we were all ears awaiting the reply. Just as I was entranced with Michelle, I was with Dayna. I was literally IN THE MOMENT, phone down, pen down n just taking it all in. She is such a genuine person n u can tell her kindness is real. Her story of the infamous "come up" as we see it didn't come easy n to think...she's not even at her peak is inspiring. One of the most important messages she mentioned was having a good tribe to where you pour into each other n hold each other accountable. BINGO-I'm on it. Her empowerment of women is phenomenal. She shared her good n bad aside from what we see on the gram. It was after her speaking I just admired her that much more n was glad I was there. 

What did I learn and take away from attending The Bold Experience by Dayna Bolden...I learned n witnessed how humble she is IN PERSON. You see so many influencers n bloggers who are one way in the social media world but u meet them in the streets n they act as if they are the magnitude of celebs with funky attitudes. I just randomly posted my cry face emoji's on her sold out tkt post n she took the time out to hit me up to gimme a heads up on more to come. She didn't have to acknowledge me at all n I could've just had to randomly see another announcement on her page. You can see she goes above and beyond. The energy n vibe u get from her is as if you've known her for years. The attention to detail and how she doesn't half azz on her shyt is motivating. This woman puts in WORK!!! She sets the vision n executes it. Listening to her emotionally tell her story, u heard a few sniffles in the audience. We really FELT it. From quitting her job on a leap of faith n maintaining being a wife n mom...hell I'm yawning now n ready to get my azz in the bed after typing up this post alone. There are no short cuts. I get it. It's mandatory to have a good tribe to hold u accountable. A support system to "pour into" (I love that phrase) becuz I know for ME; I get lazy, I procrastinate and I need to be consistent. (I just need y'all to gimme a pass for this year due to my "condition" lol") I learned we have to sacrifice in order to chase our dreams in what we want. There were business women within the mix of bloggers. Nobody held back in giving advice or tips n tricks from branding, re-branding, pitching to brands, collabs and just over all networking because everyone CAN win. Which brings me to the message she had for us in the end....

We closed out the event in prayer and also lit a candle which represented our gifts n talents to symbolize by helping someone to light their candle doesn't dim yours **cue water works** We was all passing on the flame n "pouring into" each other with lighting each other's candles. It was such a beautiful moment. It was like Yeeeeeea that's SO true. What's for you will be for u. I have no problem telling u where I got an outfit from or resources on how I started a blog n what I do that works n doesn't work when someone asks. It doesn't block my light n blessings becuz there's only ONE me. I am my own signature n I know I'm the shyt-shyt!! The lighting was one of my favorite moments n made my eyes sweat. I hope in the future she keeps it as the ending of her events. 

Oh..upon leaving...we all got goodie bags!! These wasn't no trinket bags either. It was HEAVY lol. Maui Moisture did a wonderful job sponsoring the event. These lotions smell divine and who doesn't love a good tote!! All the goodies inside WILL be used-too cute!! 

Overall, it was one of THE best blogging events I've attended. I am so glad I got the opportunity to go n look forward to showing my face at more in the future. They definitely relayed the message of jewels as a reality check. We are already at the end of 2018-do u realize how fast time is moving. I am excited for 2019 already. I am cheesing just thinkin bout it becuz there's nothing we can't obtain. I have accomplished my goals I set for 2018 by speaking n believing it into existence. What I manifest is real. What u manifest is real n we can make it happen! Now that I have experienced first hand a Dayna Bolden event, I know to expect top notch from beginning to end. We were sent updates leading up to the day of the event n everything was just classy n professional. She carries herself as such too. If you missed out this go round-DO NOT make the same mistake twice. It was well worth the investment which wasn't much honestly (less than $100) and u just leave so full n rich of knowledge n new found friendships. Just amazing!!! 

As if I haven't bragged on this woman enuff...I shall close my post with this...within the goodie bag I found a handwritten n personalized note...let me repeat: A card addressed to ME personally with a HANDWRITTEN thank u note **tosses hands up in the air then grabs scarf to tie my hair up** I AM JUST SO DONE!!! I am BIG n paying attention to customer service. When I shop online at boutiques n such; I am a forever customer when they personally write me a note. The above n beyond-ness just wins me over. I told y'all the number of attendees so to see that she took time out to address ME personally along with the rest of the 100+ women took me the phk OUT!!! I mean I like writing too but got dmn...writing a note to THAT many people...shyyyyyt it would've started out pretty for the first 20...maybe 30 if I had Starbucks but u can rest assure for the remaining 100 women that note would look like a Charlie Brown bang or hieroglyphics of symbols-good lawd!! What can this women NOT do. Now I know I gotta step my shyt up for 2019. It's no way u can say u went to this event n NOT bring ur A game moving fwd. Like seriously...I can't bring no C's home to mama when she outchea showing me how to get the A's. 

Aight...my back hurting but I couldn't let another day go by (aaaah see sacrificed the laziness I wanted to do after work today) without this write up. It will also serve as a reminder to me to hit the ground running come Jan 2019 when I re-read this myself :)


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