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I am loving Fall. Like I said it's my favorite season besides Spring. I have yet to swap my summer for fall/winter totes becuz my weekends have just been so booked lately. The new job is coming along lovely and I'm just overall excited looking towards 2016. I've been having an abundance of blessings lately with the change of my attitude of being "open to receiving my blessings" and it's amazing what doors will open when u let go n let God becuz I've grown to learn-don't stress over what u have no control of becuz when u have that faith in THEEE LORD **cue church organs** honeychiiiiiild **raises hands n stomps feet** u have to just KNOW he is an on time God-uh yes he is-and I'm gonna leave it at that before I get to catching the holy ghost at the mere thought of how kept I've been these days, yes indeed.

In celebration of the beginning of Fall 2015, I've envisioned this photoshoot and forced my sissy, Najah bring it to life. When you think of fall (in the makeup world) it's time to bring out ur plums n vampy shades. I'm in love with burgundy's, rusty oranges n shades of red. Since I've been in uniforms for oh so long, I've been enjoying shopping to look the part **sits up straight** and Grey's and Mustard is my current love for clothes. 

I grabbed this dress from Tommy Bahamas Outlet (Tanger Outlets, National Harbor) over the summer because they had a sale for $40 for dresses (mind u the price tag is $200) and it's long n cozy. It's an XL which runs big...or maybe I'm running small **sticks out tongue** but nonetheless I love it, prolly becuz I can be Spanx-less haha!!

Ok so lemme pause for the cause and sissy did an excellent job n she definitely takes her photography seriously. She hits angles n gets down n dirty to make sure the light catches me just right. Although u see her skills shine I am lookin at these pics while I'm posting them in awe that the makeup is done by ME!!!! Meeeeee. EEEEK!! like seriously. I have definitely been underestimating myself lately and that's just my own personal struggle I've gone back n forth with. Regardless of praises I get from yall, within myself I'm EXTRA critical. Even going thru these shots I would zoom in to take notes on what to improve on for next time. I think I'm so scared to just take the plunge becuz I want perfection...I'll save this rant for another post tho lol...

Now Back to your regularly scheduled program....

Recipe for Face
Serves: The Kids

YSL Fall 2015 Couture Palette SOLD OUT ERYWHERE

These are my absolutely TOP FAVES for Fall, even tho I technically wear em all year round but hands down these are what I grab the most:

  • Mac Gingerly blush (a must for med-drk complexions)
  • Mac Breath of Plum
  • Mac Soft n Gentle msf
  • Mac Lush msf (LE, Temperature Rising Coll)
  • NYX Matte Bronzer (dark tan)
  • Cover FX cream contour palette (N Deep)

  • Kat Von D "Exorcism"
  • OCC Lydia lip tar
  • Mac Oyster Girl
  • Mac Vino liner (not pictured)     

In conclusion to a day off for Columbus Day, I enjoyed gettin dolled up to take advantage of not just finally having time to blog but a day of rest-period. I'm a homebody at heart but I do enjoy kicking it with the fam n friends when I can. I planned a surprise date for my grandma next weekend to take her to see the play called "Things Your Man Won't Do" in Baltimore. I'm always excited to spend time with my grandma cuz she so crazy n we all know old folks have no filter which I love. Til next time...


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