Goodbye Summer '18

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I am so over summer! It’s never been my favorite season n it’s pretty much been raining in the DMV all summer ate-teen anyways. I am excited for these dmn kids to be back n school (remind me to vote for all year round schooling) n back to a bedtime..oh wait I was corrected by Mason to call it “curfew” becuz bedtime is for kids (which apparently at 11 yrs old he is not). Who needs an alarm to go off at 4am for work when u can be awaken by ur child playin that dmn Fortnite n chatting wit his friends on the headset while the lights are on n his door is open! I am ready for cozy nights, oversized sweaters n leaving my windows open for a crisp breeze to flow. I’m ready to start indulging in a pumpkin spice latte or 2 here n there n starting my LAST SEMESTER OF SCHOOOOOOL **cue crazy fan girl scream** I’m excited to see how well Mason adjusts into middle school. Oh lord…MIDDLE SCHOOL-EEEK!! The rest of 2018 is zoomin n soon we’ll be strolling pass trick or treating n getting ready to say Merry Xmas. Sheesh!! 

My will n energy to blog this summer was non-existent. I just needed a break-period. I refuse to force myself to write when I’m not feeling it so I left my safe haven space abandoned. Sorry. I had no urge to do photoshoots n enjoyed hibernating n peeping or I guess lurking social media. Folks really be desperate for attention these days. Is that clout chasing? Lol I love sayin that phrase to feel ‘hip’. I like to do secret social experiments here n there as it goes along with my psychology classes n be amazed. It’s like playing a crazy scientist who uses different subjects (social media) for experiments-which has technically be done for yeeears mind u; just in different forms. You can tell a lot about people by what they post esp those who take it seriously but I digress. Hibernating was really a low for me. I just had moments where I honestly didn’t wanna be bothered-period. Work or home! Is this the life of introverts? (I always thought I was kinda half n half cuz I do like being social sometimes) Nothing against anyone but I just didn’t wanna deal with people n my attitude of how I felt was clearly noticed by those who called me out on it-which I appreciate. It’s important to have REAL ONES in ur corner to call u out on ur shyt. If I can dish it, I can take it too. It was like my body n brain went on straight cruise control n I listened. For weekends on end I’d be lounging n lazy. I meeean it did benefit my wallet cuz I wasn’t spending as much but my normal routine of Annapolis runs n strolling thru Nordies was on PAUSE! I cringe at the mere thought :( If u ever wanna know who ur real friends are that actually care…fall off the grid n peep who actually takes the time or split second to reach out n simply asks how ur doin out the blue (via txt or chats for me cuz I HATE talkin on the phone) and spare me wit the “check on ur strong friends” bshyt. 

So yes, I am slowly but surely getting back in the groove of peeking my head out to play n preparing for 2019 as I overcome my lows. I mean we got a good 3 months left right…what will be my theme? Hmmm!! My Elevation 2018 is going fairly well. I’ve definitely done that with a few good choices made to better n simplify life. One of them was moving awaaaay from PG County. As a parent, I just could NOT continue to keep my child in the school system n just disappointed in how the funds from MGM didn’t trickle down (as voted) into the schools amongst other issues. It’s a convenient place to live but for the monies that county makes n the high azz taxes they have a nerve to charge-NAH. I’ve since elevated to a quiet, less violent (not that I lived in the hood), more bang for my buck community where white folks are my neighbors  we live amongst diversity. The amenities have spoiled me to truly enjoy being a homebody. Don’t let anyone tell u luxury living isn’t the way to go cuz it’s worth every phkn dime or last penny I got. Although Mason’s favorite part is the valet trash, I make sure he doesn’t get too cozy n still make him take it out every so often (ok just the wknds) to remind him of humble beginnings lol. The school systems are definitely better which was the deciding factor for me and offer more opportunities with educational programs of advancement becuz if college will be an option we not waiting for HS to prepare-it starts NOW. I’ll be lookin fwd to being more social n attending social events for blogging n women empowerments. That’s what I need-energy of strong women to keep building and uplifting tribes. It’s a great way to continue my journey to: Inspire.Motivate.Elevate <3


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