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After being caged in uniforms for so long, the best part I enjoy about the 9 to 5 world is playing dress up. My mother was an excellent example of dressing professionally in the workforce and she always told me to look presentable. I try to play it safe with being classy but with my own twist of style. Over the years the office world has become a tad bit more 'lax. No longer do I see women wear suits everyday (remember Designing Women n Tootsie lol) and has come to be more casual. I'll let you in some secret, tips n tricks on how I shop for work.

Very RARELY do I wear black. I know its a good default color for people to go to but majority of my closet is color of some sort. I do have the black essentials: dress, skirt, trousers n top but I save those for the days I might've overslept or just really don't feel like entertaining the kids. On rainy n gloomy days I am the sunshine of the office. I feel like when I wear color I exude a greater energy that's contagious and keeps me in a good mood :) My co-worker challenged me to be "basic" and needless to say I failed lol. 

gifted by my brother from Thailand

$5 from Ebay

One thing you'd be surprised with is how cheap economical I shop. I normally head right for the clearance rack. I don't shop trends (betcha regret those heel-less shoes n wedge sneakers eeeeh) and I am not above clothes from eBay (which is tricky in itself). I do pay full price for things but it has to really mooooove me and hit me like a must have type of item for me to consider it. My biggest thing I've come to love more n more is thrifting!!! 

Dress: @blazinvintage on IG ($20)

Dress: @divaexpress on IG ($14)

When thrifting and shopping Ebay (BooTeek) you have to be leary of sizing. There wasn't a lot of stretch going on back in the day lol. When I say vintage I mean shyt from like 80's n early 90's (70's if u lucky). I ordered a pair of shorts that were a size 12...well errrr uuuuh apparently I am NOT the size 12 from the 80's n I was unable to button em lol. If I see something listed in my size range I have to consider how vintage it is becuz it might be too small or tight. For the most part I play it safe with dresses, caftans or tops. Now shopping at Ebay is definitely taking a chance to get ur feelings hurt. Most of the time it's coming from China which means whatever size they list u need to go UP 2-3 sizes and don't expect the material to be top notch quality either...after all the dress IS under $20 w/free shipping....sometimes less than that. You will possibly need a slip of some sort under em. I got this one dress that feels like it was made from pillowcases :7 The pants I got in my fat girl days cuz it said 2XL. Needless to say I couldn't fit em til I dropped 100 lbs soooo if u are thick wit thighs n also TALL u might wanna skip Ebay lol. 

One thing I don't think women take into consideration of the workplace is our body shape. This is where I will speak for myself....

I am not against body cons in the workplace. HOWEVER...we must know the difference in FIT that's appropriate for work n play. Body cons on a thin mint doesn't look the same as on me (same goes for mini skirts) becuz I'm a tad thicker WITH curves it looks a tad more provocative on me vs the thin mint. With that said...I don't wear overly tight shyt to work. For one I'm already body conscious, I don't want to walk around tugging n pulling nothing down and I just don't think it's a good look to walk around the office like I'm at the MTV Awards. I know we all see questionable attire especially once the weather breaks n we shake our heads but I can only be accountable for myself lol. I have 2 options when wearing form fitting dresses to work: Blazer/Cover up or I get it a size or 2 bigger so I still get the form fit but it u can't see my heart beat n food travel down my esophagus (plus I can't get away with no spanx).

2 piece set: @goldenbirdboutique on IG

One thing I almost second guessed myself on was wearing my turbans to work. I started wearing turbans in my early natural hair days becuz I refuse (and hate to see) wearing a scarf in public. U know them scarves u tie ur head up in at night not a head wrap type scarf. I can get away with bad hair days n sneak in a DC treatment while wearing turbans so I got more comfortable with them n been collecting ever since. My boss loves em, I get plenty of compliments while wearing them BUT one of my elderlies approached me saying it wasn't "professional" looking but this was according to how SHE grew up which is clearly waaaay more generations before me so I could understand where she was coming from. Referring back to offices being more laxed now I've seen folks with purple n pink streaks round the building O_O as much as I miss those days I would nevaaaaa but I shall continue to wear n match accordingly my turbans to my outfits **twirl**

My favorite places to shop:
  • Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack-it's my favorite place to shop period n they're like my 2nd family anyways. Anniversary Sale starts this week n I'm ready to go ham!!!!
  • JCPenny-is soooo slept on and I am not complaining. This store is perfect for work clothes for good sizing and reasonable prices. They always have sales n coupons to use n u can easily pick up 5 outfits for under $100. 
  • Forever 21-I still shop their plus size section for jeans yet can get away with the regular size for dresses, tops n jackets. They always got a good sale/clearance section. 
  • ASOS-I am....OBSESSED!!!! I utilize my student discount (10%) quite often, they don't do 20-30% off sales too often but either way the discounts only applies to full price stuff. They have cool, edgy n feminine styles that match me perfectly. They cater to us tall folks (although I think I'm shrinking) and their asos brand runs big which is perfect for me. Brands that have UK sizing can be trial n error cuz they run small. I throw stuff in my "save for later" cart n clock the prices then go in for the kill when it goes on sale. 
  • Random stores-anything that catches my eye. Boutiques, thrifts, market places, I don't discriminate. I've just started shopping outside of Annapolis mall n ventured to their downtown area to find some hip side stores that appeal to my liking. 

At the end of the day...I dress matching my personality. I hate when people say "I wish I could blah blah blah like you" Ummm you can!! I encourage folks to step out the box n push em out the comfort zone. Mix prints, rock some color, wear short sleeves even if u got fat arms; you'd be surprised. I'm all for reinventing myself. There's nothing I wouldn't try within reason. When I say within reason it has to compliment my frame. There's some styles that don't flatter my body. I love jumpsuits buuuut it's always tricky cuz I'm tall n I don't want camel toe in the crotch n the seams gotta be right. 

I am no stylist although I would love to take someone on to bring out their potential. I get inspiration from new styles mixed w/an old school flair. Polka dots, snake print, stripes and anything with a bow tickles my fancy. Sometimes I'll leave something behind n I can't stop thinking bout it. That's when I know I gotta have it whether on sale or not. I even take chances myself n step out the box....

There was something about these I couldn't get off my mind. Weeks went by n I kept thinking I should've brought em home...despite the price tag **le sigh** but their comfortable n I'm up for the challenge of bringing these out :) Until next tiiiiiime.....


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