2019...I'm Already Here


Disclaimer: I had every intention on kicking this post out before New Years but due to my condition (lol)...here ya go!! My end of 2018 post moving into now. I will be on hiatus for...hell I don't know; until I see fit I guess. I shall definitely return this season with a bang!! Thanx for the love, thoughts n prayers-IT WORKS (and i ain't talkin waist trainers lol). 

This is an exciting time of the year. Everyone gears up to make resolutions they may or may not follow but it's always a good discussion to have. This is the time to reflect on the last year in review. I love this time of year. The first quarter...the excitement of newness. After school starts and ends Summer, my favorite "holiday" is Halloween. The fun part is seein how creative folks are with costumes-next year I will have auditions to recreate my vision of Vanity 6 or my favorite scene from School Daze. After the spookiness is done, we roll into Thanxgiving. Last year it fell on Mason's birthday so I officially have a pre-teen (Lawd HELP ME) and from there you blink and it's **cue Charlie Brown Xmas song** CHRISTMAS TIIIIIME IS HEEEERE. I know some folks complain the holiday spirit kicks off early in November but I don't mind at all. I'm still a kid at heart who gets giddy over the decorations and innocence of kids believing in Santa. Hell I still pull up the Santa tracker on Xmas Eve n gaze off into the stars (leeme lone it's my thang).  I hate when adults ruin the idea of Santa wit they ol' woke azzez **eyeroll** yet we complain on kids not being kids anymore. They done snatched Toys R Us, u can no longer sing Baby It's Cold Outside thanx to the me too movement n now Rudolph story is under attack!! Like dmnnn just snatch Vintage Xmas n erase history altogether why don't we. 

This has been a good year for me and if you're reading this, it ain't been so bad for urself. All the shyt I talked earlier in the year from my theme of Elevation has been manifested and executed, in some ways beyond what I expected. So reflecting on this past year-I have no complaints. A lot of people ain't make it n they'll be some that won't make it into 2019. Although these past 8 months I had to slow down, I've continued knockin' out my "to do" list while prioritizing n placing things on pause. I've signed up for my last class to graduate Spring 2019, maintained a full year of drama n stress free living n been sprinkled in blessings knowin I am worthy of receiving. 

Photo Credit: Mason
As previously stated; I'm comin for everything they say I can't have and I DID THAT!! Goin into 2019 full steam ahead with a new theme and game plan to execute. I understand early if there's some that can't join the ride n will get left behind. Trust me, they'll be no love lost in translation. I want to be present and live in the moment. I want to make calculated decisions and be intentional with my moves to benefit the direction as I'm headed into greatness. Although my growth is inevitable, I am still true to self---now THAT I can't compromise. 

Dress: @goldenbirdboutique

**starts engine** Soooo reflecting on your own year in review, what are you lookin fwd to leaving behind or takin with u into this new year? I found it easier for me to set a theme which held me accountable to stay on track in accomplishing goals I made. I missed my mark on a few occasions but I refuse to beat myself up over it. I'm gonna carry it into 2019 to complete. During the upcoming weeks I shall fall off the grid to recharge, rejuvenate and renew...I hope everyone had Merry Holidays and positivity to snuggle with into the New Years and gain the attitude of abundance moving forward. As you can see (and if you read in between the lines from my previous posts), I've been productive reproductive these past few months and in due time I'll share <3 it's been...JY LIKE YEA to say the least but special, intimate n beyond what I expected :) EEEEK!!!


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