Nakimuli Visionary Jumpsuit


Growing up and paying attention to my mom's style, I adored how she wore her pants: WIDE! They are also known as elephant pants, palazzo style or basically a longer version of culottes. Either way, I love the silhouette it gives and if ur lucky-forgiveness within the illusion. I came across Tennille when I went natural years ago from Andrea and her Fly Girl Blog and she always featured creative women. I fell in love with her work and been rooting for ever since. She's legit been a DESIGNER for over 10 yrs now. I have pieces from her earlier collections I hold on to.

When Tenny drops collections at Nakimuli I be missing the drops and next thing u know...SOLD OUT!! She doesn't do large quantities so when she previewed her latest...I was waiting!! Didn't know how much they cost I just knew these pants were my style AND had pockets **cue crazy fan girl scream** I meeeean...that is just the cherry on TOP!!! I was torn with what style to get. My manager suggested I go with these. I agreed because I know with the colors I can definitely be versatile.


Now...if ur legs are long like'd understand the problem WE have finding the perfect jumpsuit. It's such a hassle. They either stop AT my ankles, give me camel toe or it just fits weirdly around the hips part to where I look down feeling shaped like an apple-crazy!! Either way...I don't have a lot of jumpsuits as I'd like for this reason but I didn't 2nd guess it with this drop because I trust her (plus she does answer questions in her DM's lol). Here is the jumpsuit "shell" Never mind I'm just so casually snapping pics in my bra as the wind ever so gingerly tickled me. I meeeean...I guess technically this could be a look (but imma laaaaaydee). It's comfy, long, fits just right (1X-I prolly could've did an XL but again...jumpsuits can be tricky! You can tie however you'd like at the shoulder.

Now...lemme tell u what Muva loooooves...a meeeean oool' naaaasty draaaag! I'm talking deeper than any love n hip hop squanders, cuntier than Phaedra reading Kenya for FILTH at the reunion n draggier than even the fullest dressing room on Rupaul's Drag Races yaaaaasss daaaarling...SWEEP THE FLOOOOR n watch me gliiiiiide!!!!

Fun Fact: I like my pieces to be traditional with the ability to multi-task...Translation: I can wear it all year round!! 

Come, Come Laydeez...We are heading into Spring Fashions...for you brisky heaux I just showed you how to toss on a chunky sweater. Now I prefer oversize to give the option of adding a belt if needed but we all know the neon trend is still lingering...

This neon crop top (part of a set at Asos) makes me feel like I'm not about to be 40 next year lol. Its the perfect pop of color when your wearing black n white.

Moving right along...if you are ever in the mood to feel a tad daaaaring n adventurous; this is the perfect time to try MIXED PRINTS!! Black n White is an easy base to start with as it acts like a "neutral" and the possibilities are endless.

For my let me dip my foot n try mixed prints heaux....

I've paired one of my favorite thrifted finds (IG: @shopvintagebowtique) with Nakimuli print n it was just MAGIC!! This is definitely a funky fresh look (oooh...that sounded 80's haha). I love anything COLOR and it doesn't take away from the print of the pants.

I am being modest with this post because I literally pulled out jackets, blazers n bodysuits that go perfectly with this jumpsuit which is why I loooove that I'll get so much wear out of this. I still have leggings from over 8 years now from her that I still hold on to (and prolly need to Gawn head n retire lol). This post is totally NOT an ad or anything. I just like repping for dope women's who make dope shyt-especially within my style. She has yet to disappoint. For this shoot, I brought shoes but honestly...this jumpsuit is so don't matter lol. I actually like that so the focus can remain on the jumpsuit itself.

Unfortunately my print is SOLD OUT!! But there is a solid RED and another print (which I almost got first). Either one u can't go wrong. I understand some people may not be comfortable as iiiiii so I'd suggest the solid color. Whichever u shall choose, I'm sure you'll enjoy. will see me all Spring, Summer, Fall prancing around in these.


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Elle m'inspire


Every now and again, I have to give thanks to the world of social media in the retrospect given the opportunity to find “friends” via this platform. I remember during the AOL chat days, I used to clown my cousin KiKi who would think she had real friends in these strangers hidden behind profiles. Like…how do u get so attached to folks u aint even met **eyeroll** (I’m old school). I am still leery of relationships formed via online but I am open to it because there ARE instances where u can virtually connect with strangers and become lasting friends. I get it. I’ve collected (lol) friends and kept in touch with them throughout the years from Twitter, Blogs and definitely IG. I’d like to think during my growth of thyself, I now attract genuine people as my blog grows to have a circle of folks with positive vibes and good intentions. There’s a sisterhood of women I talk to everyday or quite often I’ve yet to meet in person yet we’ve connected from timelines, stories and comments to where I know they not catfishing lol and we have real talk via DM’s that I appreciate. These “strangers” are supportive in cheering me on as I am them and it’s always a surreal moment when u do finally meet up in real life. I will fan out quick.

Meeting Jess of cappuccinos and consignment was no exception! 

I found her via IG on the stories of the DC bloggers page and I clicked her profile n instantly followed becuz I like her style. She didn’t really post often but when she popped into the front of my stories I clicked to watch to see if I’d get a glimpse of her more. She is so divine. I slid into her DM’s to greet n about every day I found myself intrigued by her stories and style posts. What really stamped the divine timing of our encounter was the fact that I’m infactuated with Paris so to see her passion of the city, I felt like oh wow…she gets me! Her lifestyle and demeanor IS Pair-Ree n I love it. 

What I can admire about my growing sister circle, tribe, friends or hives lol; is how uplifting we are with each other but more importantly I appreciate how they motivate and inspire. I get up for work pretty early (but still lounge for a good 2 hrs before moving OUT the bed) n so I see Jess always being the FIRST on my TL stories and I glimpse at the time n then ask…well dmn…are u really doin these vids so early in the morning? Like how!! I am so not a morning person n the last thing I wanna do is be chatting but I admired her work ethic to show up for us EVERY morning before 0600 to share her outfit of the days as she sips her signature cup of cappuccino n tosses out some French for us “MezzUhMees” haha. Her personality is vibrant and she’s so classy n chic I feel like I gotta fix my posture and not curse around her lol. 

So she had a celebration for her Blogversary and I knew I had to be in attendance. I grabbed my ticket and anticipated the day to finally meet one of my idols. She set up a grand experience for the guest list of amis to meet in Baltimore and from there we would be whisked away by a driver to an undisclosed location. After being kidnapped we ended up at vintage store that was closed down for our private event, d’accord cheri. Jess greeted us upon arrival and I became a kid in a candy store-Jo Retro. I literally stepped back in a time machine being surrounded by the nostalgia of back in the day n joie just filled my heart. 


We shopped n sipped (I had sparkling cider..and a taste test of wines) while enjoying each other’s company and it was as if we’d known each other for years. I am glad to come across people who are as authentic in person as they come across online. The energy was great. We all had an amazing time n could've easily engaged in each other longer. That's the fun part of meet ups, u get so caught up in the laughter n story swaps; u lose track of time. Just know that they'll be plenty more blogger friend posts on our encounters from here on out. 

I am a homebody but ery now n then I step out my shell to enjoy my girls. I got dolled up to hit the town with my Asos coat, Forever 21 off the shoulder number, jeans courtesy of my stepmom n boots from Jeffrey Campbell by way of Nordstrom! ANNNND in case u didn't notice, I took an extra 10 min (lol) to do some lashes (which are actually old from F21). Make sure u follow Jess and her "Tiny Town" ventures via her blog and instagram and all things high end n fab. Her closet is goals but I can appreciate how she does a mix of consignment (she also breaks down the difference in thrifting vs vintage on her blog). Although this was our first meet n greet in the flesh, I'm sure it won't be the last. EEEK!! 

Special thanx to Jo Retro for opening n shutting down her place just for us so we could enjoy an intimate setting and shop in private-oooh a gal can get use to this life!! In the words of Jess...Ciao for now!!


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Family Road Trip to Tennessee

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I've let this post marinate and for good reason. Although, this trip was taken right after the New Years, (yes I like the S) I didn't wanna post it up right after becuz I've been relishing in the moment. Over the holidays, my parents came to visit us from overseas for a few weeks and they are now safely home. While brainstorming this post, I've been able to relive and laugh at the great times we shared during this trip. It's so funny as a full grown adult to have ur parents stay with u and it's a different experience than when u were growing up. I remember as a child my parents always sayin the infamous "THIS MY HOUSE" line and have the attitude of being able to do as they please with they own roof supplied and now I totally get it lol. I actually kinda miss them and had gotten used to seeing them when I came home from work or my dad still being on his overseas time greeting me at 4am while he scrolled FB and steady sending videos **cringe** My stepma spoils us with cooking. I hadn't seen Wegmans for 3 whole weekends and she cooks dmn near EVERY day which I'm sure threw Mason's stomach off from the weekly noodles n Popeyes becuz iiiii do NOT cook everyday. TUH.

After Christmas, my brother and stepma kept talking about the road trip they had taken.

Disclaimer: I have long legs and short patience for loooong road hours. Anything longer than 4 I'm antsy but the longest I've done was 13 hrs to Myrtle Beach but I was young n it was in a van so that wasn't so bad. As an adult-7 hrs and that was recently when we went to SC to see Marci WITH a baby **blank stare** Yes, I survived but still; I also don't like driving much so there's that! 

Back to the story: They had all these cute little mom n son inside jokes on their experience road tripping to Chicago n Detroit n I'm steady giving the Kanye smirk n wondering how much flights would be. So the question was presented to everyone, if we could take a road trip where would it be. Mason: LA (he's been mentioning LA a lot **le sigh** ) and I without hesitation said: NASHVILLE!!

I used to be UB-SESSED with this show! I was horrified when it was removed from abc n went to another network n then u could really see a drastic change in the story lines but I remained a true fan of Nashville and I miss it to this day **pours out a lil licka** So, I became entranced with the music of the show and always told myself, I'd love to visit. Surprisingly, the trip always seemed costly and my dreams fell by the wayside. That was...until my parents resurrected them n settled for us to take a road trip to Nashville. EEEEK!!! During my doodling dreams I had planned out where I wanted to go, where I wanted to eat and stay but all that was tossed out n I said phk it...lets just wing it. I did know I had one thing that was MANDATORY during my visit to Nash and that was: BOOTS!!! I can NOT leave without some boots. 

So now that we've targeted our destination...after a New Year celebration in Bmore with family, we headed out. First stop: KNOXVILLE (well, it was actually a quick stop at Harpers Ferry but they were closed). I knew beforehand it would be a rainy week and I didn't care. I wanted to get the real feel of a road trip so I packed simple. No makeup, No wardrobe changes for photoshoots n no idea of what was to come. I just simply wanted to goooo and enjoy family with no intentions of anything planned.

We just drove til we got tired and stopped to eat at Storming Crab ooooomg!!! Delicious is an understatement. We had a full on family bucket of seafood goodness n the sauce was **muah**

After a well rested night, we got up n headed to downtown Knox where we went up in the observation deck to the Knoxville Sunsphere that gives a 360 view of World's Fair Park. From there we walked over to a historical spot called Market Square  where there were small shops and restaurants. The town was pretty empty being as though the neighbors aka college kids that attend UT were away for the holidays so we headed for our last stop...but not before some photo ops haha.

I must was quite freeing with less! Less was my go to when I thought of packing. My onesie (aka catsuit) from Forever 21 n my everyday converse with a hint of Chico's got worn in more than one way n times!

My dad became my "creative director" scouting out places for me to blog and while he took "photo cred" to his own interpretation lol he also enjoyed photobombing me n reminding me to give him his photo cred for the creative eye!

And while it was a good thing I wasn't "working" cuz this is why u can't work wit family lol. Here I am tryin to focus on "blogging" and look how much respect my stepma gave to my craft by showing me her future home in TN n chatting bout the prices lmao!!

Fun Fact: My dad is a...well he was a well-known photographer and had a studio back in the days in Va Beach. He did the double exposure trick in the early 90's; waaaay before D Blanks made it his signature but that's neither here nor there and Mason is my sontographer when he's not ditching me to have a social life (then sends me an invoice **sigh**) so they had a "who's shot is better" competition. So competitive they didn't care that the subject-ME was lookin raggedy n failed to fix my clothes :7

As much as I can go on...this is where I pause. Y'all know I can write forevaaaaa but to wrap up's a quaint market-y small town I'd love to stop pass again to enjoy the locals. Nash is about 3 hrs (or less I think) and they have good shopping centers nearby. Now of course that wasn't my priority so I didn't even wanna tempt myself n stay focused on the prize...UP NEXT...Nashville!!!!

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Pregnant After 35: Happy Birthday

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This is such a full circle moment for me and I'm quite excited. 

Jan 2019; 37 wks 
I have survived the Christmas Holiday which I totally wasn’t in the mood for n ready to head into the new year-FRESSHHHHHHHHH. As I rub this belly that constantly kicks n takes cat naps, this has been a wild ride. I won’t lie n say I’ve enjoyed every minute yet I am grateful for it. By next week, my job will be DONE in Jesus name. I am more ready than Tevin Campbell could ever be at this point. Baby Bae Bag is ready…my bag been packed since last month n the closer the date comes, the more anxious n excited yet nervous I get. I am TEAM C-SECTION. I am also TEAM PUT ME TO SLEEP to go along with it. I don’t care about this so called recovery time n V Backness n blah blah blah. Folks kill me as if they deserve a cookie for doing it naturally wit no meds or pushing **slow clap** the end results are the same: motherhood. Plus wit me bein stitched up I have no option other than a c-section so I’m cool wit that. Surprisingly, I’m able to be more mobile than I expected. The TTB (teeny tiny bump) hasn’t doubled in size (this baby loves me already) n I rotate the same 4 outfits a week. My greatest fantasy to keep me motivated within these last moments is envisioning good SLEEP in a comfy bed. I dmn near wanna plan a staycay in a hotel to luxuriously dive into those comfy duvet sheets n sleep-UNINTERRUPTED!! After this grand finale…I will rest n snap back into life as I gotta hit the ground running becuz Spring 2019 semester starts mid-month annnnd I wanna head up to NY for my bday weekend. I am ready for a full makeover n overhaul for myself into a better me. Shedding that dead snakeskin to reveal the New Year, New Me.

Jan 2019; 38 wks
Happy Birthday!! OMG HE’S HERE!! HE’S HERE!! We got to the hospital early cuz we were scheduled to be first up. As calm as I was being, I was secretly listening to my heart pound with anxiousness. Like wow, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Time went by slow n sped up outta nowhere. I go to the back to get prepped up n monitored-SHYT IS GETTING REAL-REAL! My mind is racing. I haven’t been in this position in 12 yrs. WTF AM I DOIN? I said I’d do WHAT? My doctor comes in cheesing like YALL READY? As if i can say no lol. I feel like my body is shaking n then we arrive in that bright cold azz delivery room. The team is getting sooted n booted. My mind automatically starts processing from start to finish how we got here. I AM CRAZY AS HELL FOR DOIN THIS!! Babydaddy is next to me…I don’t care cuz at this point I hate all men! Anybody wit a penis I’m mad at. Why they can’t be in THIS position. Shyt just ain’t fair…ok focus…at this point all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher n then “Happy Birthday” wit some crying. I know in the movies they put that dirty gooey messy baby all up in ur face for the 1st glimpse. I SEE NOTHING!! My eyes are either focused on the ceiling or shut tight. Babydaddy is fascinated by the science of it all. As my insides shifted n prolly dangling (hell I can’t feel it), I remind him to not make me laugh. I ain’t want no mishaps when they was tryin to put this humpty dumpty together again. While in the recovery room, I couldn’t help but stare in awe as happiness filled my heart for my boys. WE DID IT!! They’ve been here every step of the way. To think it all started from a drag cruise haha. I didn’t think I could love them anymore than I did until I seen them hover over this new life I helped bring into the world. My Boys became Two n Uh Half Men.

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