Flamingo Love


I am in love with peacocks, owls and flamingo's!! Such intricate birds they are. I'm also a fan of quirky fun bags so when I seen it I knew I had to have it. Over the weekend I felt I'd be a tad vibrant. To be honest...I'm not a fan of shorts. I can wear dresses n skirts all day but shorts make me self-conscious. 

Guess since I like to encourage others to step outside the box or get outta their comfort zone, I should practice what I preach :7 I found these Michael Kors shorts from Nordstrom Rack about 2 or 3 summers ago. Actually right before I had my surgery and I seen em, checked the tag ($35) and paused becuz I had got em in a size 16 to be on the safe side BUT I was still nervous becuz y'all know these designer sizes fit smaller than normal. Anyhoo, I took the plunge n swapped em for a size 14 knowing dmnnnn well I wouldn't fit em any time soon but figured it would be something to look forward to; not only when I lost weight but muster up the balls to wear shorts.


So I threw em on, jiggly cellulite thighs n all n strutted my stuff. It actually wasn't that bad after all but I'm still not a shorts kinda gal. I'm sure we all have that garment of clothing still sitting in our closets with fresh tags and we just waiting for that "special" moment to wear it out. You try it on every now n then n admire urself at home in the mirror yet hang it back up for "another time". Hell I was just excited to even button em up becuz when I initially got em, they barely got over UH thigh lol. So I say all that to say...if I didn't say out loud how uncomfortable I am about wearing something you'd never know becuz I've learned ur own confidence will carry u a loooong way ;)

Shirt: H&M (vintage lol)
Shorts: MK +Nordstrom Rack
Bag: +ASOS
Shoes: +Nordstrom Rack (clearance #BOOP)
Push thruuuuu thighs :P


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Hello Summer!

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Helloooooooooooo Summer!! Winter is my favorite season, Spring is my time for change and summer is just as refreshing because kids are out of school which means no traffic for the grown folks!! I look forward to cookouts and spontaneous trips to the beach (even tho i can't swim). Bright colors and my favorite...LESS CLOTHES!! I love having my feet out (does anybody else wear flip flops in the winter?) and the best part are the summer jams (omg i said jams-yikes) on the radio. For me it's officially summer when I hear the infamous Summer time by Will Smith and Can't You See by Total. OOOOOOOOH MY GAWD yeeees, I just turn the radio up loud n rock to it cuz it takes me back to those innocent summer days (and nights) from my younger years when you didn't have a care nor bill to worry bout. I always spent my summer with my dad which HAD to include me visiting my family in NC and that was the highlight of my summer. I don't care where else we went during the summer as long as I went to NC to see my cousins, life was grand #Living lol. As a city gal I've learned to appreciate country living more n more as I got older. We all grown now so when we get together we are now the "Remember When" folks like our elders **glances at walker as reality of aging sets in**

I wish I could ship Mason down to the country for the summer to enjoy the simple life I've experienced. No video games!! We made our own games up n would be out from morning to night-well I did have to indulge in some AC here n there cuz ummmm a sista don't like to sweat **waves pinky** What's the plan for summer??? We are gonna wing it. I like to be spontaneous so in between Mason driving me crazy with sleepovers; we'll squeeze in a road trip or 2. My driving limit is 4 hours but my stepma can drive from here to Africa wit no prob soooo maybe I'll recruit her for some cool places to go. Nashville anyone??!!!

Top: H&M (Spring 2015) Jeans: Forever 21 Clutch: Closed Clutches

Since Mason is now out of school I've recruited him to be my photographer haha!! He's responsible for the flicks in this post but let me tell you...it was NOT easy :7 He says I take too many pics **le sigh** the nerve of him!! I only made him get me from different angles for a good 45 min cuz I like to pick the Top 10 pics sheesh!! U would think I had him workin in a sweatshop **rolls eyes**

Dress: Thrifted from Marci suitcase on the cruise LOL

 Although it was rough getting Mason on board as my photographer, in the end he did a good job. Too bad for him being good cuz little does he know he's gonna be the official photographer any time we go for a walk n the spirit to pose hits me **cue evil laugh** Welcome to Summer...yall know it'll be here today n gone tomorrow as we are already knockin on July's door. Make the best of it guys and enjoooooooooy!!


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