Pregnant After 35: Halfway There

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September 2018; 20 wks

My how time seems to fly. I am officially at the halfway mark-THANK GOD!! The “reveal” at the dr appt went well. I’m stitched up so tight I called it having a fresh cooch of rejuvenation lol. There was no doubt about the gender for sure. Mason tagged along but wasn’t too amused lol. He’s so neutral but then again he ain’t know what he was watchin on the screen no ways. I still often times feel like shyt, yet pull myself together with whatever strength I have to look like the shyt ;) I still enjoy naps, be TIED in the am’s at work n enjoy soaking in the tub to meditation music at night before bed. The belly bump is sorta kinda there-I guess! To those who know can notice but I don’t. I just know I can’t wear no pants without elastic n I did buy my first maternity dress. 

Slowly but surely comin out of hibernation n getting outta lazy mode esp since school started. I gotta focus on these 2 classes but more so cuz I’m just excited for summer to be DONE. The joys of being preggers…heartburn which tends to leave me tryin to sleep sitting up, trying to comfortably sleep period (I often times sleep wit a pillow in between my legs), and one thing that snuck up on me n almost KILT me…CONS-TUH-PAY-SHUN! Good Laaawd. Hats off to those who push out babies but if it’s anything like what I had to push out the other night-I am proud to be a c-sectioner. I mean it was sooo bad I literally thought of writing my last will n testament becuz I ain’t think I was gonna make it but clearly God aint threw wit me yet so here I am. Wheeew!! Next appt is at 24 wks n I’m sure they’ll have a sigh of relief THEN- other than that…this baby is quite active off the early mornings, lunch time n MY bed time which is normally bout 10-ish. 

September 2018; 23 wks

I'm looking fwd to skating into the 3rd trimester soon. This baby has some rhythm sheesh. I get a nudge to remind me to eat, another kick when it’s time to release n random swirls during downtime when I just wanna relax. Like clockwork if I drink anything I am off to the bathroom within the hour. I sit at my desk, laid back wit the Homer Simpson belly in awe. OH SHYT I guess I should start telling my team O_O nobody knows (other than the handful) but I don’t wanna be here today n gone tomorrow. That’s what happened last year. One week I was here n the next week I was on bed rest :7 

It’s comin up on a year the unfortunate occurred which we also randomly discuss. I was exactly 22 wks when my water broke n almost 23 wks admitted into the hospital then pushing hours later. As successful as things are going now, I take nothing for granted. Every week is a milestone for us and we’ve come a long way. Folks may look at us like WHY would we wanna attempt another go round n think we are crazy. Hell even I paused walkin pass the mirror n caught a profile glimpse of myself wit a belly poking out like…oh shyt..u really ARE doin this huh. It’s getting real n no turning back. After my next appt we’ll go into planning mode: baby shower, arrangements for Mason during my last month **looks at calendar wit one eye** and maternity leave!

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