#Rickflections on Vacay

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As promised, I just had to share pics from my Drag Cruise!! EEEK!! I must say...2016 has been absolutely amazing to me thus far and I'm excited to see what else the year shall bring. Earlier this year while the east coast was gearing up for a snow storm in January, I was getting whisked away to tropical weather set to island hop during a 7 day Drag Cruise leaving out of San Juan, PR. Yaaaaaaas a drag cruise in which I've been taking for the past what...4 years now with this crazy old country laydee named Marci. The best part of these cruises is when you reunite with everlasting friends made along the way **tugs on heart strings**

dress: H&M Spring 2015

My Modern Family is normally 8 deep. This year it was 4 of us **pours out liquor to the homies who ain't make it** We keep in touch all year round and I love the many husbands me and Marci have acquired throughout these last few years. We never fail to pick up where we left off and I'm forever grateful for our friendship! While many people were shoveling out from under 20 plus feet of snow, I cascaded into St. Thomas first....

Hey Marci
This vacation was a true VACATION!!! I relaxed, chilled and did as much of nothing as possible. We made sure we grabbed authentic local non-tourist food n enjoyed the scenery. Pics really don't do what ur actual eyes see any justice without being there first hand. 

Next stop was St. Croix where we had the most fulfilling pleasure of eating at a place called Rose's Dream Cuisine and yes it was everything and more!! I wanna fly back just for dinner.

The best part of the trip for me was...waking up on my birthday on the gooooorgeous beaches of Antigua:

Dress/Hat: Ebay

Honestly the best birthday eveeeeer!! While most people shy away from growing older I'm blessed to make it to 35 with such great friends and elders who keep me sane. I am surrounded by so much love from folks sometimes I don't feel worthy. My boys gave me a massage (not from them personally although it would've been welcomed with open legs arms), Marci knows her way to my heart is through anything involving Sephora and ooooh Mystique hooked me up with some makeup!! ((hugs)) 

Speaking of Mystique...I borrowed her wig n let my inner drag come thru. I felt like a starruh. It's just something bout tossing on 10lbs of hair n earrings strong enuff to rip ur ear off that brings u closer to THE RuPaul **cue fantasy**

Mystique Summers live and in action for ya

Let's seeeee where else did we go...oh..Grenada!! Almost brought me an island man home :P If your wondering how I went on a drag cruise yet the only drag queen u've seen is Mystique...it's becuz this isn't my first time at the rodeo. I've seen them ALL and we've had great times but this cruise was really to just enjoy time with old friends and make new ones. We are one big happy family aboard a cruise celebrating the love n art of drag. It's always funny to see people's faces esp the elderly who are NOT apart of the drag party. When they see a tall 6 ft man walk pass em in sequins and big hair the expressions are priceless. It's just all love when we get together. I was an old lady....dinner at 8 and in bed by 10 or 11pm. I didn't attend any theme parties and I don't feel like I missed anything. We partied sooooo hard on the previous cruises to last me a lifetime. 

Aaaaaah what a great way to not just start the new year but celebrate being Thirty-Fine (as my starz say lol). Like dmnnnn in another 5 yrs I'll be 40..with a teenager nonetheless-EEEEK!! I don't feel like it tho. I mean I wouldn't wanna be apart of this younger generation at all so I'll continue to age gracefully n learn as I grow. My motto: I am open to receive my blessings. I did a lot of #Rickflecting on the cruise to move forward with all aspects of my life. It feels sooooo good to live stress free, no drama and to know when I step out on faith to let go, let God everything works out in my favor. I wasn't always in this place of peace n dmn it if it don't feel good. Wow!! As my girl KK would say "I'm Grateful".


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Book Me: Self-Proclaimed Poser

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Spring is pretty much here and I'm ever so excited about the season change. Although I do love a chilly winter there's something about transitioning into warmer weather becuz I get to shed clothes n show my legs!! It's been quite some time since I've graced y'all with an impromptu shoot so I took advantage of good weather a few weeks ago and let Bae practice on me as a muse!! 

Dress: some random boutique in Bmore
I am gonna do a disclaimer on these pics becuuuuz I am totally LASHLESS and really beat myself up over these pics due to the OCD I have when things aren't executed to it's full potential. Nonetheless the slayage is natural but y'all know I prefer to be over the top n dramatic as possible esp when the camera goes **click**

I have come to the conclusion I should become a professional poser!! If you are like me, you pose in front of the mirror all the time and take notes during America's Next Top Model but when it comes down to an actual photoshoot u draw a blank O_O That's where I come in to be the personal cheerleader and ego booster **cue pom poms** Never look awkward again, lol.

The key to posing is...bringin out that inner "I'm the Shyt" attitude. Most of the time I have a random Beyonce song playing in my head cuz every superhero needs their theme music :P Ya knooooow, now that I think about it...I think I'll start demanding some actual music on the set (see how easy it is to flip on the diva switch **snap**). I guess it also doesn't hurt to have eye candy behind the lens too! **swoon**    


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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!!! Ugh, I know it's been a while and my blog has fell by the wayside. It's funny cuz I still get folks like ummm...ma'am where's your blog and I'm like errrrr uuuuh oh yeeeea about thaaaaat :7 I am a work in progress guys. What really hit me was when I was passing on info bout my blog and I pulled it up I noticed my last entry....like dmn November O_o sheesh!! You know how much can happen in a short span of  **counts on fingers** 3 4months....

My baby turned a whopping 9 years old!!! Ugh So crazy he'll be hittin the double digits of boyhood soon **insert shattering heart** It's crazy how fast time flies and sometimes I wanna press PAUSE! I still remember when he was this precious cuddly baby that couldn't talk or walk...couldn't press me to go to Target...beg me for the latest Call of Duty games...leave the toilet seat up...have a messy room...and get on my nerves!!! LOL!! Mason is such a joy n bright kid and I have started the clock to countdown to another 9 years when he's LEAVING for college **confetti blasts**

I done turned THIRTY FIVE **gasp n clutch the pearls** or "Thirty Fine" as The Superstarz call it :P but I was blessed enough to wake up on the gorgeous beaches of Antiqua on January 26th with my family. I will also share my pics from my last photo shoot cuz yall know I don't miss an opportunity to strike a pose but I just had to do a re-intro post for the new year **mic check**. I think I shall challenge myself to blogging at least twice a week. It's really tryin to find a balance between home n work life then MAKING time to create n post. Ugggggh!!! 24 hrs in a day so there's no excuse right :7



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