Top 5 Series: Intro

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As promised i'll be doing my Top 5 series but I wanted this post to be a little disclaimer before I hopped into it. My top 5's will consist of anything from celebs, anything beauty, places to eat or shop-yall know I'm random. My first one will be high end makeup. Years ago when I came into the game, I started off with drugstore and graduated from there. My foundations and concealers came from makeup counters because I didn't know how to blindly match myself. Sephora and Mac were my besties esp Mac and I built a great relationship with them so I didn't have to clamor n wait in line for limited edition items that sold out asap (oh hi rihanna collection). While I joined makeup forums to keep up with "what's next" I didn't have any interest in trying high end becuz the price alone scared me. Like dmnnnn who in they right mind would pay $20+ for a lipstick (lippie) or $50+ on foundation. That's absurd. As I became more comfortable in the makeup world I still stayed within my lane of the Mac price range n a splurge for me was NARS.

One day I'm leaving out of nordies minding my business when this lady pulled me to try Dior. Why I didn't keep goin-I don't know but she paired a lippie n lip glow (balm) on me n it was like putting on the hat to Frosty the snowman. HAPPY BIRTHDAY-I came to life. I didn't take the lippie but the lip glow I knew I couldn't leave it behind n didn't care it was a whopping $34. I consistently use it n rebuy every 3-4 months so it's well justified now. 

Confession: Jumping into the high life I felt bad becuz those who aren't makeup junkies don't quite understand and u are then judged with the "u spent how much...on what" and the "u crazy" along with "such n such is cheaper" so I remained underground with my fellow makeup sisters on forums who embraced my newfound love n didn't judge.

As I became more open minded with trying high end I made sure I researched it first. I looked up swatches and reviews which I rely on if it's not at the counters. Makeup is trial n error. Yes, there are peasantry cheaper options n brands but I like what I like n don't apologize for it. It's not for everybody. The same way guys spend hundreds on Jordan's is the same way I might spend at Sephora. My makeup stash is my therapy n that I enjoy. That's that. I am fully out the closet now n not ashamed! I can easily walk out the house with a $300 face (which is why MUA's shouldn't short themselves n clients should appreciate the charge). Now...just becuz it's of high end doesn't mean it's better than. I have had some high end brands that were trash. There are also high end brands that don't necessarily cater to women of color (woc) shades. I am now to the point where I am picky with my brands becuz I know what works for ME. I also shop for it when my pocket allows so I'm smarter to shop during sale times to soften the blow. 

Treat cho' self-within reason. I have a habit of trying things in two's which is dangerous at these dmn prices. If u are interested in making the plunge, search youtube, beauty blogs n reviews. My reviews will not be politically correct. I can tell u right now, I'm not doing no list of ingredients, how many ounces in a product, what sweat shop the labels were made in or none of that. Imma keep it simple: price n if it's worth grabbing or not. I will say there aren't a lot of swatches for woc's pass my shade. I scoured the internet all night one time lookin for Tom Ford swatches n when I did find ONE her lighting wasn't great :( If u got a gift card laying around-go for it. Sephora has fall n spring sales with 15-20% off n that's when I mainly stock up-but again no pressure. I can't even remember the last time I've brought a Mac lippie but my last one was Guerlain-OMG!!! Now THAT is a brand that's worth it on or off a sale. 

Ok Top 5 High End Lippies...comin up...


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Royal Wedding 2018

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The royal wedding shall commence this Saturday and I am soooo excited AS IF i'm attending myself. Well I mean I did have to turn down my RSVP due to scheduling conflicts-don't cha hate that. So this week I made myself The Duchess to get everyone in the royal spirit. I love how my co-workers just get me. They know I am outside of the box so they appreciate my themes. Plus I just think it's fun to break up the boring, everyday attire n pep it up.

Theme: Fascinators

The last royal wedding I watched was Prince William n Kate in 2011. I was so enamored by the guest arriving dolling such beautiful n dramatic head pieces. Just watching them so gracefully walking into the chapel and the thousands of bystanders there to catch a glimpse of the party, how can u not fall into the hype. I know us on this side of the pond are excited that Meg's broke all the stereotypical norms of the royal families history n I found it interesting in how Queen Elizabeth had to give them permission to wed. How crazy is that-for us American's n what if we had adopted that same "law". So in my best British accent I've been donning them with the slang in which they fancied. My attire for the week was the 'bees knees' as I too wore fascinators or fancy hats. It's been rainy all week in the DMV :( but I managed to have my Paki bae, Sunny snap me!

Fun Fact: The white wedding dress tradition started from Queen Victoria who married Prince Albert in 1840.

Fun Fact: Princess was the first royal bride to omit "obey" from her nuptials and although Prince Charles will walk her down the aisle he will NOT give her away! (Girl Power huh)

Fun Fact: Meghan is actually the oldest royal bride at 36 (well dmn) annnd she's actually gonna break the rules n do a speech at the reception **gasp**

After the wedding, she will officially be known as Her Royal Highness. As we grow up watching fairytales n anxiously awaiting Prince Charming to come swooping us off our feet on a white horse, they are actually livin it over there. Can you imagine having to give up ur American ways to conform to the UK lifestyle n rules? Give up ur privacy, voice on social media, twerking in public wit ur tongue hangin out, replacing curse words with in such a bubble where in public ur in a fish bowl or the pony show, and hiding emotions. I just want to be a fly on the wall when Harry asked his grandma for permission knowing she is half black, divorcee n comes no where near the bloodline of a 'toff' but a mere commoner-BLIMEY **drops tea n crumpets** The wedding starts at 4am on this side of the pond. I can't promise I'll be up but it'll definitely be on repeat I'm sure. I'm excited to see the fashions of course and just enjoy the overall hype. I feel like they really love each other and for him to be so cheeky n take a chance going against the monarchy grain has to be commended. Times are definitely changing and there is nothing out of reach when u go for it. Talk about taking life by the 'bullocks' (balls) aye! #RoyalRebels <3


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Life Hack: Caftans


Caftan life is the best. They are so versatile. I prefer to wear mine freely but if I wanted to flaunt the waist line (or lack of  haha) I'd toss on a belt. They are easy breezy n totally doable day or night. I fell in love with them a few years ago and I initially got my first one as a house dress. More than likely...I got it from my grandma's closet. Now I've watched them blossom into a trend. Since then I've accumulated a good handful of em. One of my pet peeves: women who walk out the house in their pajamas and/or scarf **cringe** I don't care how much of a rush we in, we can always take an extra 10 secs to throw on some presentable attire. I don't care if u gotta throw on the jeans u just had on yesterday. Makin a dash to the store as if u literally woke up, grabbed ur keys n jetted looks STANK! 

my mama always saaaaid: Take pride in urself and look presentable before u walk out the house. Ya never know who u gonna bump in to. 

As much as I would loooove to sashay n walk the aisles of wegman's in a sequin dress with a sweeping long train for my Sat morning runs...I.Am.Not. I throw on my caftan n go. I even live on the edge sometimes n go without under garments **gasp** so naughty (beware of the gust of wind from the doors opening as u enter the store tho, I've had a few Marilyn Monroe moments myself). The fact I can turn this one piece into day, night or night-night is FAB!

I feel like such a goddess as it drapes the body n just flows. Like I home I basically live in these. I'm actually surprised I don't see more women (other than modest cultures) wearing them OUT becuz the best part about it is-NO SPANX required lol I normally get mine from my thrifting honies or department stores like Ross, TJ Maxx n etc. I do not spend a fortune on them so I keep it reasonable when grabbing some.

caftan from my grandma's closet
caftan n belt from IG @trashismytreasure
Lounging at home I'm free to wear how I feel which is bare under there 10 out of 10. When I have my caftan week at work I will be wearing under garments because some of them can be of thinner material n depending how some are made u can see side boobage when u lift ur arm. Imma LaaayDee! So yes, keeping in the spirit of ELEVATION 2018, u heaux have options before u leave the house lookin so unkept n u would spend more energy walking towards the door than throwin on this WHAM BAM-thank u ma'am one piece mmmm k. 

Gawn head n give them body con dresses a break. U know u be self-conscious in them joints wondering if u stop n grab a bite to eat them rolls gonna seep thru like a semi-busted can of biscuits anyways. Fashion Nova ain't goin nowhere honey lol. If ur ready to jet set to enjoy the beach or a relax on a cruise, these should definitely be an option. I'm more of a carry on only kinda gal so these are perfect and space savers. So just know I am well equipped with these pretty lightweight garments of loooove and I'll be in 'em often whether I'm poolside, couch side, and outside!! 


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Comin Soon: Summa Ate-Teen


This is my last week of school-finals on the way and I am 2...just TWO classes away from getting my Associates (in general studies). OMG!! I've consistently been in school for a full 2 yrs. I am taking advantage of the summer break tho to get my life together and rejuvenate. Get my life together as in marinate in myself, family n friends and enjoying new beginnings while immersing myself back into my blog. I am here to indulge in BRUNCH SUNDAYS every weekend and any event BEFORE 9p on a Sat. I am enjoying blossoming into my own n learning more about myself by self-care moments.

I am sooooo excited with the direction life is leading me now and stay optimistic about the future. My sister has been teaching me about chakras and she's sage'd my home!! OMG it was really crazy. I apparently had some bad energy n spirits I been holding on to. She kept walking back n forth trying to figure it out n asked if I had anything old becuz the sage smoke literally lingered around my closet. I'm like errr uuuh I thrift shop lol. But when she kept pacing back n forth n finally mentioned anything from an ex, I immediately went right to the garment hanging up n tossed that shyt. Hanger n all. The smoke literally dissipated and the whole closet felt lighter. It was so eeeeery! I am big on paying attention when I'm in the present n aware of when something feels off. I am not for negative energy/vibes or anything that disrupts peace-period. I have no problem removing myself from a situation/conversation/space and not having to justify myself. Like I'm not explaining shyt. Now that the "ex" is officially out my life n closure has taken place my blessings of abundance can now make it's way into my life. I know I will be incorporating Saging on a weekly basis-thanx sissy!! 

I have taken plenty of risks when it comes to my hair. I have some pretty dope stylists to whom know me very well and I trust them as well as consult them on crazy ideas that come to mind. I plan on keeping my hair pretty wrapped up for the rest of the year. I've been getting consistently "Damn'd" since last Nov by The Damn Salon. They do a Taste of Damn DC every 10 wks. Honestly my urban's last longer but I like changing my color. My edges are left in tact, my hair isn't heavy n the older they get the better they look. The Damn Salon is a wonderful experience (plus where else u go to get braided n they feed u gourmet meals-TUH) #Elevation 

So the last time I got my urban's I randomly woke up one night with the greatest epiphany: CRUELLA DE VIL!!! I have a soft spot for villains anyways but I just think her style of hair has NEVER been done in the natural world or for braids. I've searched for inspiration n found little to nothing so I mainly relied on a pic to send to Mushiya n she was on board off the jump!! 

To be honest, I was scared as shyt when the time came to move forward with this brilliant plan to execute. What was my job gonna think? I work in a conservative 9 to 5 environment and although they love my personality n let ME be ME, it's tough in the professional world to be THIS bold. I kinda hinted to them before hand to feel em out n my office was excited. I was also just scared it wouldn't come out as I envisioned. Yes, even I be nervous on being able to pull something off but the results have been overwhelmingly amaaaaziiiing!! I freaking LOVE it so much. We did a mini photoshoot which was fun lol (Shout out to Courtney for being an amazing assistant). This is by far my funnest style ever n I've been getting compliments every day since my install (ooh that sounded weave-ish). 

Moral of the story: trust ur gut instinct n follow ur heart. I know it's already a style of braids many wouldn't get so to dream up this gorgeous combo was phkn genius!! **pats self on back** and xoxo to Mushiya for amping it up to have the phk yea attitude n killing it. I haven't even untwisted the initial twists yet so imagine the dramatics when it's even fuller n just aaaah **gagging** daaaarling **blows out puff of smoke** Y'all can't take me AT ALL awl Summa Ate-Teen Hunty!

Becuz Marci has been on my azz to #Elevate my blogging (she's my pusha) I've decided to incorporate my Top 5 Faves whether it's style, makeup related, music, eateries, shopping n etc-weekly. I am kinda excited to share becuz as I scroll my TL I be seeing some tragedies n some of y'all heaux need some inspiration.motivation.elevation and as a friend...I'm here. Now don't go thinking cuz I have bougie taste that I spend the same...well I do but not all the time. 

My love for makeup is still around. Do I run n grab the next collection that drops every week...No. I've been in the game long enuff now to where I carefully select what my money gets spent on. Even for work lately, I normally wear makeup Mon-Thurs but with pollen season n trying to get my skin together it's been dwindled to like 2...maybe 3 if I'm lucky days to wear it. On the wknds eeh not so much. I do enjoy trolling beauty sites n reading reviews on something that peeks my interest. I marvel at the new brands that come out, laugh at MAC being on sale **cue eyeroll** cuz they azzez wasn't NEVA on sale a few yrs ago n now they dmn near giving it away. The competition is fierce tho. Along with skincare products to be obsessed over, I also loooove bath products. OMG anything lavender-vanilla-rose scented just makes me quiff. I live to take baths n soak while listening to a podcast or just a chill playlist. A nice hot bubble bath with a candle glowing is my turn up.

Do y'all have any plans for Summa Ate-Teen cuz it'll be here in no time. Spring is finally here in the DMV so boots are officially put up (unless y'all still walking round in them soggy azz Uggz). I normally like to have a trend for the season. This year it'll be easy breezy loose clothes. Think...old white woman vacationing in Martha's Vineyard or Oprah in those crisp white wide leg pants accompanied by a serious crease sharper than cheese! Whatever ur plans great at it. 


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Dear Mason

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I've always wondered why don't they do a realistic pregnancy commercial. The ones where you see women who sweat when they miss their cycle then pee on the stick n anxiously wait the 3 minutes suggested. As your waiting (basically staring at it to turn) ur heart is beating out of ur chest as confirmation of those infamous 2 lines appear n u freeze then say OH SHYT!!! I've exercised my pro-choice rights more times than enuff but I knew-this was the one. I sucked it up to accept responsibility and it's been my greatest work of art yet. 

The joys of motherhood. There is no right or wrong way of parenting nor do u get sent home with a baby blueprint book. Ur left holding this bundle of joy like-now what. I totally bypassed the parenting classes n feel like those lamaze joints is waste of time. You never know what can happen yet ur learning breathing techniques and end up getting an emergency c-section! Although u get plenty of unsolicited motherly advice I had my stepmom n Gramnea on speed dial at all times. Becuz of them I was able to bypass the overly extra carefulness first moms be having, ya know...the sanitizer bottle attached to their hips for family n friends to drown in before they touch this new golden child. 

Mason will be 12 this year. EEEK!! Pre-teen right? Lawd I'm not ready. Time ain't waiting on nothing and it's a beautiful thing watching him grow. I adopted a different parenting style and judge if u want but it works for ME. Boys are FUN! I don't have to be gentle n becuz I don't coddle he will be well prepared in another 7 yrs. Before I even get started, technically I am not a single mother. Mason's dad is very much involved in raising mason...from afar-meaning we are good co-parents n he takes care of us. Ok now back to what iiiiiiiii do...

Everyday I struggle with trying to balance letting him explore and protecting him **cue Regina Belle-If I Could** I enjoy his innocence of him being a kid. I am fully aware that one day I will clip the wings and he will be unleashed upon this world. I would be lying if I said I'm not sorta afraid given this climate and the times we live in. I do not blame kid-less singles or couples who choose to not have kids. I mean look around u and what they have left. Aside from the obvious police brutality-They taking clocks away, no more pledging allegiance to the flag and got dmn what happened to learning cursive? sheesh no more signatures huh. I know it's a generational trend or culture based on how we raise our kids and I've had some pretty good examples growing up. Our kids are an extension of us and when Mason steps out he reps his parents. I want him to grow up humble because I don't believe in the "my child will want for nothing" motto. These kids growing up a tad too spoiled and entitled which is setting them up for failure in the future. 

IN LIFE...there are no hand outs. Nobody gives a phk about how cute u are. Nobody in the real world gives a dmn bout the fresh Jordan's on ur feet. Nor does anybody give a dmn bout how hurt ur feelings are. I mean really...who goes crying to mommy for them to pull up to the job n curse ur boss out? I'm just saying. Yes, ur child is very special and the typical kid genius (til it's time to potty train) and yes they oh so fly in all the latest n greatest of clothes along wit the hottest toys on the block buuuuut blink twice and now they teens who then become adults. Do they know the value of a dollar? Can they cross the street without holding ur hand? Hell I used to walk ALONE around Mason age through Shipley Park with a note in my hand to get my aunt: stand back, RC and pall mall cigarettes! These kids are so unaware n oblivious to they surroundings becuz we are in the tech age- I get it. I tell Mason all the time, he has no idea how good he has it. He is enjoying luxury from the fruits of MY labor, blood, sweat and tears. His living conditions won't be as opulent out the gate as he lives now. My first place was in the hood becuz it was what I could afford. For $550 a month plus electric, I enjoyed my one bedroom. So what I came outside to bammaz sitting on my car chillin, weed infested hallways and having to replace my radio cuz someone broke into my car. It was MINE!! 

My sweet innocent angel who does no wrong **wipes away twinkle in eye** I've made him into an independent young man-it's a gift n curse in hindsight though lol. I want him to be equipped with real life shyt becuz ya never know how long I'll be around. If the good lawd calls on me to go the upper room, I wanna make sure my baby ain't gotta depend on nobody. Yes, folks can laugh and criticize that I'm forcing him to grow up too soon and "he's too young" but make no mistake...these kids are much smarter than u think. They are more advanced than we were at their ages or maybe my child is just beyond his years. 

At 5 yrs old, MY BABY was cooking his own grilled cheeses. How bout ch'ows **nose up** He was so excited making that grilled cheese and he ain't did shyt since lol. Well he's a pro at oodles n noodles but now since he's older he's graduated to eggs n bacon (when he not running from popped grease *le sigh*).  Coming soon he will be making a chicken meal. I can't be having my baby relying on these little scallywags to be cookin cuz they flat tummy tea mama's ain't teaching em shyt.

Ooooh u thought I ironed his clothes huh...lmaoooo!!! I taught him how to wash clothes-mainly becuz I don't want my clothes to mingle with his :7 Boys are just disgusting! But yes, he takes out the trash, pumps gas, opens doors...awl that. Mason is overall a good kid. He's always been babysittable until he was able to babysit himself (the main ones who laughed at me still paying for daycare and/or looking for babysitters to merely run to the store or get a pedi...**insert evil laugh**) The key is...u have to know ur child and I mean REALLY know ur child. I know what mason can handle n what he gotta work on to get better. When I introduce him to something I start off slow but last year while on bedrest I threw him to the wolves honey!!

I needed a quick run to the grocery store n didn't wanna wait for my baby daddies so I hit Mason wit the game plan: take this list, facetime me if u need assistance, here's the PIN number, get 20 back for urself-let's just saaaaay mission was accomplished and he was so proud of himself in that very moment. YES BRAGGING ON A HUNNIT as we sat in the car cheesing n high fiving talking trash like WHO u know grocery shopping at YO age? WHO??? I'll wait...and he replies...yea nobody ma, nobody but me :D That's my baby. We are now onto finances (in which even I am still learning myself). He gets an allowance every week and he pays bills. YES-bills. Mock bills of course but nonetheless he gets the idea. Since he gets paid every week: Week 1 is rent (cuz rent be due on the 1st of the month right), Week 2-freebie, Week 3-utilities Week 4 is a freebie or rent depending on the calendar. Every "paycheck" he gets he automatically pays taxes (that was my dad's idea) and at the end of the year he'll get a "tax return". I have him keep up with what is deposited and withdrawn but leave the budgeting up to him. I noticed by using this method, he's not so quick to run thru these $40-60 headsets so quick and he pays more attention to what costs and compares pricing. 

Mason knows I don't play when it comes to education. We have a tradition where he gets a gift on the 1st day of school as a pep start to an excellent school year ahead. He has never not came home without being on the honor roll...oh wait...I think the last report card he got a D in Math n when he knew restrictions were upon him he hits me wit the "but I'm responsible for my age mom" lol. This kid I tell ya. His teachers rave on how well he is in class (never mind the class clown issue we had a few grades back) and I allow him to be creative becuz I don't want to hinder his indivuality n be himself. His dad was against this blonde hair for a loooong time til I convinced him to let him enjoy being a kid. Mason's take on it "I can't do this when I'm older and have a job" hahaha a forward little thinker isn't he. 

I am excited to watch him grow. We have a really good bond n healthy relationship. I look back on his quirky moments to where I told him to put his hat on his head but to speak the language of male species u gotta be specific (picture above where he literally put the hat on his head yet didn't remove the hoodie) or waking up to a whole sheet of tats on his chest becuz he clearly woke up before me. I have no regrets and happily go through all of his phases of the characters he's obsessed with at the moment becuz I've rolled over plenty of monster trucks, sat thru Cars movies, grabbed TMNT costumes, and now it's Naruto **eyeroll** 

Being a mom is by far one of the hardest yet rewarding jobs I know I'll ever have. The love he gives me motivates me to be the best mom I can be to support his dreams and also push him to do nothin less than greatness. I want to be able to lay down the foundation to help instill integrity and know that it's M.O.B. (mommy over bytchez) fo' lyfe!! I've made plenty of sacrifices to make sure he had a good education, clothes n food along with extra's to indulge in. I am strict to a fault becuz I want the best for him. This boy is the continuation of my legacy n the extension of my heart. I want to continue to lead by example on the type of woman I might let him be wit one day. I remind him he's a rising King and to act accordingly becuz he ain't have to grow up how iiiiii did so he does have certain advantages that I didn't have. Nonetheless u WILL put in that work. Be a giver to those less fortunate becuz ya never know if the wheels may turn n ur on the receiving end. One of the cutest traditions I'll always hold near n dear to my heart is every night since he's been able to talk we sing Lenny Williams (I actually randomly do this now). 

Me: Cuz I looooooooove you....
Mason: and I neeeeeeed you!
Aaaaaah Mason, just know one day you'll look back at this post, reminisce on the fun times or the time u txt'd me and said "I know we've had our ups n downs" LOL and even the times I whooped yo azz n know that it was all in love. You know yo mama crazy n I don't take no shyt. Be yourself cuz I will call u out on some fake shyt. Remember when u roasting we go for the jugular n take no prisoners. Ain't no bullyin shyt ova here bruh, u light they azzez up as necessary and NO u will never be able to out jone me-THE masta. Yes, yo mama is fly-duh n u aight too witchoooo ol' ugly azz <3


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