Comin Soon: Summa Ate-Teen


This is my last week of school-finals on the way and I am 2...just TWO classes away from getting my Associates (in general studies). OMG!! I've consistently been in school for a full 2 yrs. I am taking advantage of the summer break tho to get my life together and rejuvenate. Get my life together as in marinate in myself, family n friends and enjoying new beginnings while immersing myself back into my blog. I am here to indulge in BRUNCH SUNDAYS every weekend and any event BEFORE 9p on a Sat. I am enjoying blossoming into my own n learning more about myself by self-care moments.

I am sooooo excited with the direction life is leading me now and stay optimistic about the future. My sister has been teaching me about chakras and she's sage'd my home!! OMG it was really crazy. I apparently had some bad energy n spirits I been holding on to. She kept walking back n forth trying to figure it out n asked if I had anything old becuz the sage smoke literally lingered around my closet. I'm like errr uuuh I thrift shop lol. But when she kept pacing back n forth n finally mentioned anything from an ex, I immediately went right to the garment hanging up n tossed that shyt. Hanger n all. The smoke literally dissipated and the whole closet felt lighter. It was so eeeeery! I am big on paying attention when I'm in the present n aware of when something feels off. I am not for negative energy/vibes or anything that disrupts peace-period. I have no problem removing myself from a situation/conversation/space and not having to justify myself. Like I'm not explaining shyt. Now that the "ex" is officially out my life n closure has taken place my blessings of abundance can now make it's way into my life. I know I will be incorporating Saging on a weekly basis-thanx sissy!! 

I have taken plenty of risks when it comes to my hair. I have some pretty dope stylists to whom know me very well and I trust them as well as consult them on crazy ideas that come to mind. I plan on keeping my hair pretty wrapped up for the rest of the year. I've been getting consistently "Damn'd" since last Nov by The Damn Salon. They do a Taste of Damn DC every 10 wks. Honestly my urban's last longer but I like changing my color. My edges are left in tact, my hair isn't heavy n the older they get the better they look. The Damn Salon is a wonderful experience (plus where else u go to get braided n they feed u gourmet meals-TUH) #Elevation 

So the last time I got my urban's I randomly woke up one night with the greatest epiphany: CRUELLA DE VIL!!! I have a soft spot for villains anyways but I just think her style of hair has NEVER been done in the natural world or for braids. I've searched for inspiration n found little to nothing so I mainly relied on a pic to send to Mushiya n she was on board off the jump!! 

To be honest, I was scared as shyt when the time came to move forward with this brilliant plan to execute. What was my job gonna think? I work in a conservative 9 to 5 environment and although they love my personality n let ME be ME, it's tough in the professional world to be THIS bold. I kinda hinted to them before hand to feel em out n my office was excited. I was also just scared it wouldn't come out as I envisioned. Yes, even I be nervous on being able to pull something off but the results have been overwhelmingly amaaaaziiiing!! I freaking LOVE it so much. We did a mini photoshoot which was fun lol (Shout out to Courtney for being an amazing assistant). This is by far my funnest style ever n I've been getting compliments every day since my install (ooh that sounded weave-ish). 

Moral of the story: trust ur gut instinct n follow ur heart. I know it's already a style of braids many wouldn't get so to dream up this gorgeous combo was phkn genius!! **pats self on back** and xoxo to Mushiya for amping it up to have the phk yea attitude n killing it. I haven't even untwisted the initial twists yet so imagine the dramatics when it's even fuller n just aaaah **gagging** daaaarling **blows out puff of smoke** Y'all can't take me AT ALL awl Summa Ate-Teen Hunty!

Becuz Marci has been on my azz to #Elevate my blogging (she's my pusha) I've decided to incorporate my Top 5 Faves whether it's style, makeup related, music, eateries, shopping n etc-weekly. I am kinda excited to share becuz as I scroll my TL I be seeing some tragedies n some of y'all heaux need some inspiration.motivation.elevation and as a friend...I'm here. Now don't go thinking cuz I have bougie taste that I spend the same...well I do but not all the time. 

My love for makeup is still around. Do I run n grab the next collection that drops every week...No. I've been in the game long enuff now to where I carefully select what my money gets spent on. Even for work lately, I normally wear makeup Mon-Thurs but with pollen season n trying to get my skin together it's been dwindled to like 2...maybe 3 if I'm lucky days to wear it. On the wknds eeh not so much. I do enjoy trolling beauty sites n reading reviews on something that peeks my interest. I marvel at the new brands that come out, laugh at MAC being on sale **cue eyeroll** cuz they azzez wasn't NEVA on sale a few yrs ago n now they dmn near giving it away. The competition is fierce tho. Along with skincare products to be obsessed over, I also loooove bath products. OMG anything lavender-vanilla-rose scented just makes me quiff. I live to take baths n soak while listening to a podcast or just a chill playlist. A nice hot bubble bath with a candle glowing is my turn up.

Do y'all have any plans for Summa Ate-Teen cuz it'll be here in no time. Spring is finally here in the DMV so boots are officially put up (unless y'all still walking round in them soggy azz Uggz). I normally like to have a trend for the season. This year it'll be easy breezy loose clothes. Think...old white woman vacationing in Martha's Vineyard or Oprah in those crisp white wide leg pants accompanied by a serious crease sharper than cheese! Whatever ur plans great at it. 


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  1. This was a great read. Looking forward to your consistent articles. Yeah - I said it.
    You know who this is. MT

  2. I always love reading your blogs.

  3. I’ll definitey be getting “damned” when they come to NYC or DC, whichever is first. So crazy because I remember that’s where I first met you getting your hair done like, what, 6 or 7 years ago?? ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•