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I had some free time this weekend and decided to indulge in window shopping to get out the house and what do ya knoooow...Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on and popping **cue Birman hand rub** My stomping grounds is Annapolis Mall. It's a one stop shop for me: Nordies, Sephora, Forever 21, hint of Bath n Body and Lush with Cheesecake Factory as cherry on top-in that order! However, I'm trying to better curve my spending habits (strong emphasis on TRY) so I strictly went for Nordies. I stumbled across a magazine launch upstairs where they had a fashion show and panel of women to empower, motivate and inspire. I didn't plan on staying for the whole thing but the energy n discussion had a hold on me to stay and held my interest. 

I met the Editor-in-Chief, Ayo Thomas and grabbed me a copy of her WOE magazine. The panel of women speaking spoke of women empowerment and nothing but positive vibes and affirmations that could help us reach our goals. I was totally engulfed in the moment n forgot to shop for what I initially came for. As fate would have it, I met a fellow blogger name Mimi of Mimi Cute Lips who dropped some jewels of tips n tricks to the blogger life. It was overall a great event and made some things move n shake in my spirit. After networking and enjoying the sea of beauties it was back to shopping lol. 

Maggy London, $92

I am a sucker when it comes to impulse shopping BUT in my defense...I was eyeballing this dress since the sale started and i loooove Maggy dresses becuz I feel like such a laydee and since her sizing can be tricky for women with curves its a MUST to try it on in person. I have to think on this dress becuz I can sometimes get lucky n find Maggy's in Nordy Rack for $60!! I did good tho despite all the temptation I left with only ONE pair of shoes :) (and never mind the online order-tee hee)!!! Don't know if you noticed or paid attention but in my last Life of a Uh Former Fat Girl post I talked about continuing to have the fat girl mentality when it comes to shopping for clothes. It's probably something I'll deal with for a while becuz I'm so conditioned to think I'm bigger than what I actually am. It's not a reality check on how much I've lost until I see an old pic of where I used to be:

Quick note: I literally finished my post and went to edit and just so happen to delete ALL my content after this >:<FML **cue Cuba Gooding fighting the air** OMFG!!!! My memory is phkn horrible sooooo how the HELL am I suppose to remember what the heck I wrote in such a great moment of letting it flow **le sigh**

Anyhoo....with that being said this is the best time for fall shopping while everyone is still in summer clothes mode. I pranced on into Forever 21 and hit up the clearance rack on my way to the dressing room. I stumbled across this really cute sweater but noticed the size n said oh naw!!! I put it back knowin dmn well it's NOT my size yet something tugged on my heart to just try it anyways. I meeeean what's the worse that can happen other than busting thru it like Hulk or getting my arms stuck in the DONT SHOOT position struggling to take it off. 

Lo and behold I made it!!!! I had all the intentions of this joint being a crop top but LEWK AT GAWD!! It was in that moment that I realized all the sacrifices of sleep in the am and evenings after work, scolding from my trainer to eat clean and wanting to enjoy eating like a fat girl but knowing I can't afford to has PAID OFF!!! Make no mistakes WLS has helped in the beginning but at the end of the day iiiiiiii am putting in that WORK! Nothing great comes from half azzin and to be honest, it's been 2 yrs and it's still a learning curve for me. It's a lifestyle change. U slowly but surely cut toxic shyt out here n there and notice u won't even crave it no more. I'll get more into that later....back to this sweater revelation lol. 

Do you see what size this is....Meeeee? Size...what? SMALL??? GTFOH!!!! To think I was just wearing size 2-3x's and here I am fitting a small shirt from the skinny girl section of Forever 21 O_O Yaaaaaas Byyyyyyytch **twerks profusely** Now if only my thighs can follow suit and get in formation I'd be a happy camper :) I will say one thing...losing weight has taken my boobs from the luscious bombshell of Anna Nicole's to deflating just sit on a whoopee cushion azz Baddie Winkles:

@baddiewinkle on twitter

I am not yet at my goal but slowly but surely I'm getting there. I'm not here to preach nor teach. Just merely showing u better than I can tell you. Determination, Commitment and Consistency works. If u are like me, u wanna see results overnight but I've learned to be patient and just keep at it. My trainer says it all the time...u can't out exercise a bad diet. I take tips n tricks from those before me who I've always admired from afar while on the bench. More on that later tho...I just wanna also point out that although the angle of the selfies can make u appear thinner/smaller or thicker than what appears make no mistakes my waist is getting SNIZZATCHED!!! 

There is no waist trainer, spanx or holding my BREFF for awwwwwwwl luh dis hunty!! While my body is under construction I don't wanna reveal too much **tee hee** But I would hope to toss out some boudoir pics by the Fall **looks at anonymous photographer** So once again another win for stepping out on faith n trying on a top I never thought I could fit. Ya never know. Til next time....


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