2017...I'm already there!


I must say...looking back and reflecting on 2016, I have no complaints-AT ALL!!! This year has been full of blessings on top of blessings. As KK always says "I'm Grateful". It's been a full year since I've left the public safety lifestyle where I had moved on to getting back into the 9 to 5 world and just when you think it can get no better than a breath of fresh air, comes another opportunity too good to pass up. Hence my current job where I can say without a doubt I absolutely LOVE going to. There is such a huge difference when you work with a bunch of men. There's no office drama, gossip, foolishness of the sorts and I have never been SO at peace it's almost like a dream. I don't want to come off so braggy but I just want to share my story and the results of what you get when you take a leap of faith and put what you want into the atmosphere. God has yet to fail me with giving me what I've asked for. 


With that being said I've had some L's this year as well. Started the year off losing my god brother Ricky, learned being a homeowner is overrated, and found out my idea of loyalty and friendship doesn't equate to others so distance came into the picture and that's when folks drop like mixtapes! The older I'm getting the less tolerance I have of foolishness and when you start living life with no expectations of others you can't end up disappointed. The status of my love life isn't complicated, taken or married. It's private with options. Don't cry for me Argentina!!! I've been so busy praying my way into jobs and money I actually pause every now n then and realized I've neglected to pray on love-then I get distracted and forget **shrugs** I predict I'll be married by 40 (but I'm not press-again no expectations leads to being stress free) and with how much health insurance is costing (and depending on what y'all elected president bout to do) I might need to recruit sooner than later cuz ummmm 2 heads are better than 1 these days.

Gains n losses-that's life! I take nothing for granted and open to receiving my blessings. I am surrounded by wonderful people, spoiled crazy by my boys, loved dearly by Mason and put up with by y'all lol. Thank You <3 Because I'm such a forward thinker...my mindset is already in 2017. I'm over Xmas coming up in a few weeks, ready to celebrate the New Years and wish everyone gets what their hearts desire. There's nothing that's impossible and when you let go, let God just watch him work. I know that's easier said than done but I know from experience. Ain't stressing over nere nothing. I've been done dirty, had things taken from me and etc. and I've yet to not experience restoration afterwards in one way, shape or form. No worries!!!! Try it and flourish ;) 

Hair: Urban Twists by +TheDamnSalon
Dress: +nakimuliinc 
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Quick FOTD:
+MAC Cosmetics Face & Body (C6)
+NARS Cosmetics concealer (ginger) mixed w/mac studio concealer
+AnastasiaBeverlyHills Brow Wiz (caramel) mixed w/ Mac Spiked pencil
Eyes: Mac Woodwinked/Amber Lights w/soft brown n bamboo (crease), Lashes: old ones +Forever 21
Contour: Nars Casino (fave)
Highlight: Mac Warm Soul w/ +Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Bronze Glow (must have)
Cheeks: Mac Gingerly (fave)
Lips: Mac Cork Liner, +Tom Ford International Sable Smoke (best nude ever) w/hint of +Christian Dior "mirrored" gloss
and as always unless stated otherwise...face done by yours truly :)


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