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Fun fact: I come from a bloodline of models. My grandma, mom and me...can't wait til Madison carries on the tradition :) and I have since retired lol. If Tyra just so happens to have a Top Model season for women over 35...I'm all in!!! Until then I am open to being a muse and self-proclaimed poser becuz I just don't think I could stomach the shady n evil side that happens within the industry of modeling yet I enjoy zoning out for photoshoots whether impromptu or planned. I'm a girly girl so getting dolled up and dressed up is my thang. If I could I'm quite sure I'd grocery shop in a sequin gown or go to work with sparkly lids just becuz LOL! It's just fun. When my girl fellow MUA Moni @faarifaces (on IG) wanted to borrow my face to practice her pro skills I couldn't say no!! Aaaah the moment I've been waiting for. I will say....becuz I like my face a certain way it's hard to give up that control for someone else to do it in their own way but as a model u have to do ur job and just be the face THEY envision. She could've drew a mustache above my lip and I would've still rocked my poses the same way **duck lips** I am at the artists mercy. 

Dress: Nordstrom Rack ($23)
Shoes: Sam Edelman (2 summers ago)
Clutch: Camilla Closed Clutch
Earrings: Melody Ehsani
Turban: Ebay

Ok so the photoshoot was impromptu lol. I had no intentions but I had time to kill before I went to see Lil Duval at DC Improv so we said....what the heck why not. I'll rewind to the magic she made along my face. It's always a pleasure to see the growth in an artist because it inspires and motivates u to know through hard work and persistence u too can get to THAT level. Practice! Practice! Practice! There's always a new trend or technique to learn so classes are important. The makeup world is forever evolving and as much as I love an outrageous drag face I know a more subtle natural look is what people want. There are looks that get you noticed and looks to get you booked! I learned that from Renny and Beatface Honey class years ago. Just pay attention to the difference in IG and Vogue magazines ;)

Uggggh I GaaaaaaGuh!!! I have been practicing these brows since she did em. I am not a fan of the dark blocky extra filled in brows on me cuz I like em as natural looking as possible. I meeeean realistically I have Homer Simpson brows wit like 3 strands so to see me wit some Brooke Shield brows is a tad far fetched lol. I am definitely excited to attend a class or 2 annnnd open to taking some models to practice on myself-hint, hint!!! But for any new MUA's and photographers looking for a muse to practice on-BOOK ME! Need help posing? BOOK ME! Hmmm...I really need to make that a service huh??? **cue lightbulb**


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Goodbye Summer

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I don't know about chall but I'm sooooo over summer!! After all this heatwave-ness DMV has been having I'm ready for crisp air to flow through my opened windows, orange n red leaves, vampy lips and the blush n aubergine combo wit a touch of olive n mustard colors I will thrust upon y'all lol. Now granted I can wear flip flops all year round but I am on the prowl for some really good boots this season! I don't have any in particular in mind. I like the art of surprise so when it hits me like yes THESE- I know it's the one! 

We ended the summer with a trip to Va Beach! My girl Sunny and I took our boys for the weekend and had a great time. We lounged on the beach, walked the boardwalk, ate junk food and kept the boys busy.

Mason has this tradition he likes to keep up with...whenever we go to Va Beach he likes to get a henna tattoo. It only last about a week but he feels so "grown" when he gets em!


Yeeeeeessssss Summer is coming to an end!! School is back in session :) and just think...only 3 months left in the year O_O wow!! Time just fliiiiiies right. Mason is in the 4th grade now and looking forward to stepping into the double digits. He's already asked me for a bank card to manage his money (as if he has a job with direct deposits) -_- BOY BYE!!!! He's growing up so fast now and since he's so responsible for his age **toots own horn** I almost feel like I'm creating a monster **le sigh** Normally on the first day of school I willingly get my pic but this year...he wasn't feeling it :7 I'm like DUDE...u got 8 more of these to go to complete my collage in which I'll print on a t-shirt and hold a banner of from K-12 as he scrolls across the stage from high school :) Does that sound a bit much? I didn't think so either!!! 


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Over the Labor Day weekend we ventured off to Toronto for one of my <3's Rickey birthday :) It was quite an adventure to say the least. I stepped out my comfort zone and braved the 8 hr ride....ok it was broken up cuz we stopped in NY and stayed overnight at the other half of our modern family's spot-but still I survived. My first impression when we went downtown's a cleaner version of NY. 

Rickey invited his closest friends for the trip and came up wit the grand idea to have an amazing race around Toronto to hit up landmarks and learn the history of the city so we got to venture out and explore...

Photo credit: Marci


We learned their subway system which was quite clean as well....not a pissy smell near and of course there's no trip without Marci n I getting lost...on the bus haha!! I will say it's an easy town I'd feel comfortable roaming alone if I had to. The people are open and willing to help if needed and the shopping is GREAT (although be mindful of international fees if u use ur card) especially once I found Sephora and INGLOT-EEEEK!!! I was good tho and didn't go crazy becuz the prices in Sephora pretty much balance out to US dollars after the taxes n fees (i.e. KVD lippie $20US yet $24CAD is technically $18.40 + 3% international bank fee=$18.95+$3.12 taxes=$22.07 this is IF u use ur card)!


We dined at +onoirtoronto where you eat in pitch black darkness and the servers are blind or low vision **record scratch** THINK ABOUT IT...O_O It definitely was an experience for everyone to be open to stepping outside the box. Now of course that's my forte so I was open to the experience in itself and it wasn't bad. It's a pretty unique restaurant that I can pretty much scratch off the bucket list lol. There is a menu u order off of before hand but I chose to YOLO and get the surprise meal cuz I was totally committed to the idea 100% plus it's not like ur gonna get a fear factor type meal lol which is kinda what I was thinking when I thought of surprise and eating in the dark! I would suggest it as an interesting first date or definitely with a group becuz it was fun. Now of course taking in the city I couldn't resist a photoshoot :) 

With the birthday boy <3

#MarilynMonroeMoment :P
Dress: +Kmart Nicki Minaj Collection ($30)
Turban: Beauty Supply Store ($3)

I definitely want to go back becuz there's so much to do and a good spot for kids. I had to bypass the CN Tower and Aquarium becuz the line was ridick but it's definitely gonna be a priority next time. I wish I had my fat girl stomach cuz it's sooooo much food there to indulge in. I didn't even get to taste their infamous Poutine :( and I can't even begin to talk about the hours on end wait for Uncle Tetsu cheesecake. Apparently it takes 20 min per cheesecake per person so imagine waiting in line for 2+ hours....ummm yea we could NOT imagine that so we rolled lol. FYI note to self for next time be there soon asap as they open tho! Overall, I had a great time and it was a great ending to my summer. 


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