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Over the Labor Day weekend we ventured off to Toronto for one of my <3's Rickey birthday :) It was quite an adventure to say the least. I stepped out my comfort zone and braved the 8 hr ride....ok it was broken up cuz we stopped in NY and stayed overnight at the other half of our modern family's spot-but still I survived. My first impression when we went downtown was....it's a cleaner version of NY. 

Rickey invited his closest friends for the trip and came up wit the grand idea to have an amazing race around Toronto to hit up landmarks and learn the history of the city so we got to venture out and explore...

Photo credit: Marci


We learned their subway system which was quite clean as well....not a pissy smell near and of course there's no trip without Marci n I getting lost...on the bus haha!! I will say it's an easy town I'd feel comfortable roaming alone if I had to. The people are open and willing to help if needed and the shopping is GREAT (although be mindful of international fees if u use ur card) especially once I found Sephora and INGLOT-EEEEK!!! I was good tho and didn't go crazy becuz the prices in Sephora pretty much balance out to US dollars after the taxes n fees (i.e. KVD lippie $20US yet $24CAD is technically $18.40 + 3% international bank fee=$18.95+$3.12 taxes=$22.07 this is IF u use ur card)!


We dined at +onoirtoronto where you eat in pitch black darkness and the servers are blind or low vision **record scratch** THINK ABOUT IT...O_O It definitely was an experience for everyone to be open to stepping outside the box. Now of course that's my forte so I was open to the experience in itself and it wasn't bad. It's a pretty unique restaurant that I can pretty much scratch off the bucket list lol. There is a menu u order off of before hand but I chose to YOLO and get the surprise meal cuz I was totally committed to the idea 100% plus it's not like ur gonna get a fear factor type meal lol which is kinda what I was thinking when I thought of surprise and eating in the dark! I would suggest it as an interesting first date or definitely with a group becuz it was fun. Now of course taking in the city I couldn't resist a photoshoot :) 

With the birthday boy <3

#MarilynMonroeMoment :P
Dress: +Kmart Nicki Minaj Collection ($30)
Turban: Beauty Supply Store ($3)

I definitely want to go back becuz there's so much to do and a good spot for kids. I had to bypass the CN Tower and Aquarium becuz the line was ridick but it's definitely gonna be a priority next time. I wish I had my fat girl stomach cuz it's sooooo much food there to indulge in. I didn't even get to taste their infamous Poutine :( and I can't even begin to talk about the hours on end wait for Uncle Tetsu cheesecake. Apparently it takes 20 min per cheesecake per person so imagine waiting in line for 2+ hours....ummm yea we could NOT imagine that so we rolled lol. FYI note to self for next time be there soon asap as they open tho! Overall, I had a great time and it was a great ending to my summer. 


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  1. Never been to Toronto as an adult. Looks pretty fun! Girl! Look at those arms,neck line & collar bone! Girl, what do you suggest for such toned arms? Love the red dress! I need to go to KMart