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Why is that when someone is natural they feel better than? I'm talkin natural hair, natural birth givers, natural weight losers, natural medicinal takers, natural organic/vegetarian eaters I see u too and u dry faced anti-makeup chicks-YEA I SAID IT!!! omg it irks me to no end when great debates roll around whether in public or social media which is quite entertaining to say the least:

Natural hair vs perms:
This Sept it'll be a good 6 yrs since I've had a perm. The natural hair community (NHC) has changed since I've started and I see the back n forth all the time from those who've been in the game 10 yrs plus aka "The Elders" who look down upon the newbies who dabble in it as a "trend". Like's JUST phkn hair let alone hair that aint even on YO head. Then once u go natural and u decide it's not for u, ur dmn near shunned from this great club of naturals cuz u decided to get a perm again lol. I've made plenty of fond friendships in the NHC and could care less whether they have they own curls, purchased curls or permed curls!

I didn't go natural becuz my hair fell out. I did it to try somethin diff n fell in love with my textured hair. Now that I've learned my hair n what it takes to maintain it I prefer to keep it short but please believe if I didn't enjoy being umbrella-less I'd have a perm too but being natural is convenient for ME. When I get natural hair questions I'm quick to say it ain't for everybody. If u not willing to put the time n effort to learn and maintain it DONT DO IT!! U can absolutely have HEALTHY hair whether u are permed or natural which ultimately is the ending goal right?!...cut it out wit the natural vs perm beef...

Giving birth natural w/no epidural vs c sections n epidurals:
LOOK...I in no way shape or form wanted to EVER stretch MY cooch out to squeeze out a baby but my main request for a c section was to avoid poopin on the table. My Dr said NO! I dnt care if Drs see it all the time n it's not important n blah blah blah! I just knew one story MY Dr wasn't gonna go home talkin bout was ME poopin on the table! Luckily for me I got my wish wit a bonus: put to sleep AND had a c section. Lemme tell u somethin...I have a high tolerance for pain but that shyt goes out the window when that first contraction hits n they become consistent. I ain't got shyt to prove to NOBODY ya hear me...NOBODY! If u had ur kids naturally congrat-phkn-lations but do u get an extra mommy award for it? Did u leave the hospital with extra pride cuz u feel u accomplished more than someone who had a c section or an epidural? At the end of the day we ALL were blessed to leave wit a HEALTHY baby which again is the goal correct? So cut it out thinkin ur title as a mom is any higher than someone who delivered differently...

Natural weight losers vs weight loss surgeries:
STANDBY ON THIS...imma go in and let have on a separate post...

Vegetarians vs meat eaters:
They say never say never right? Well I can say I will NEVER be a vegetarian! I am too loyal to chicken! I am dmn near holding the chick fi la sign up wit the cows to say EAT MORE CHICKEN!! I eat po'k (not chitlins doh), beef, lamb chops-ALL LAT! I can honestly say there is no anti-meat campaign, riot, protest nor vids of how animals are treated n killed before they are prepped for my mere consumption that could EVER change my appetite for MEAT!! Do I love animals? YES!! RIP to my beloved Chea Monet but I do own a leather jacket or 2, shoes n bags...that's neither here nor there BUT I say all that to say...DONT BRING YO OLD...lettuce only eatin...I get my protein from organic DIRT growin...I'm on the fence to give up seafood cuz they also God creatures, I worship PETA AZZ around me talkin that shyt to try n convert me wit health risks n statistic reports!! NO!! I don't caaaaaaaare. The most I do now is buy organic. Now THAT I can say there is a difference ESP in organic meats and bison beef omg my digestive system loves it when I pay that extra $2-5 for organic. At the end of the day whether u eat meat or what? Being what? HEALTHY!!! So stop tossing the flour n cut it out...

I love a good healthy debate but I don't like the bashing from recruiters who look down upon someone for a different way of living that works for THEM!! You ever see people quick to give their unsolicited opinion on something as if their contributing to it? You see plenty of people protesting against women's right of Pro Choice yet they turn their nose up if u need assistance and don't think twice of adopting. If you come across an Athiest do you automatically turn ur back or ask them questions into WHY? You can lead them to the bible all day but if that's not gonna change their mind into joining ur "team" will u really lose sleep? Folks can be so closed minded these days n quick to jump to what's been instilled n etched in their brains before thinkin hmmmm outside the box maybe **cue lightbulb** As much as I hate MAFF (math) I've come across many of problems where I get the same answer but with a different method of what I was taught from the teacher. At times I didn't even know how but I did and the end results was all that mattered for a grade-I'm just saying **shrugs**

While I am on a roll, my next post up is about yall anti-makeup-ERS who give us makeup lovers a hard time cuz im bout sick of that shyt too....

Disclaimer: Although I hate to disclaim the obvious, I have to remember we live in such a literal world where overly sensitive folks take everything to heart-if it doesn't pertain to u, it ain't about u-end of story!!


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  1. Yes, the end result is to do YOU! What makes you happy, what makes your boat float, what makes your heart sing, what makes you dance. Healthy debate yes, unsolicited opinion kick rocks with bare feet.

  2. To each his/her own!! But I have come to realize that people shun or look down on things because of insecurity and the lack of an open mind!! So it's quick to judge and say they hate something they have never tried!! Can't wait to read about the makeup!
    I do remember not liking makeup and talking about I didn't need but that was because I was never taught and didn't understand, but now I feel underdressed or not complete without it.

  3. Gurl it so annoys me when people concern themselves with what someone else it doing. To each his or her own