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Yaaaaay Fall Wear!!! I told y'all I am SO here for Blush n Olive's for the season. I get a few questions on how I shop and I honestly have no solid answer. I don't really look. It's whatever catches my eye. A whole look might not even come together for weeks at a time before I pick up pieces along the way and it might be a month or so later where I get that signature A-HA piece to complete the AWN-SAWN-BULL (ensemble) **waves pinky** I also know MY style. I am a pants/trousers/wide legs kinda gal when it gets cool outside. My mama would kill me but i do NOT wear stockings n tights...although I would be open to venturing out to some designed ones I have in mind. I haven't worn them in so long being in the uniform wearing business-work wise that I'm just really getting in the groove expressing my "Work Cooture Wear". 


Although I peep the "trends" I'm not a trends shopper per say. I like to add timeless pieces to my wardrobe becuz I recycle my shyt hmph and I'm a mix n matcher! Florals and pointy toes NEVER go out of style...those sneaker wedges-yikes...(never followed that one-thank goodness) and solid color blazers u can't go wrong with. I actually stepped out my comfort zone becuz I feel like these straight peg leg looking pants remind me of high waters! I've always had long legs and finding pants catering to us tall statured creatures is hard n just came around within the last 10 yrs or so. I used to have to go a size UP for the pants to hit my ankles :( But since I preach to folks to step outside the box I took a chance and it worked!!

I <3 SWEATER DRESSEEEEEES!!!! I like em form fitting for special occasions but mainly loose cuz I like the Mystique of a woman where u really don't know what's going on under there ya know PLUS I'm not going to work lookin like "teacher bae" cuz I'm "low key" tee hee ;) I'm a size 12 but I still get em in 14's or 16's depending on WHO makes it and where I'd be wearing it too. If I get a form fitting sweater dress that calls for spanx to come to the rescue to smooth my lumps n bumps out-plus that means I don't plan on being greedy for dinner or something cuz ummmm I hate stuffing my face wit tight clothes on. 


Sweater dresses are no brainers for me. I don't have to put much thought into what I'm gonna put together cuz it's basically a onesie lol. Solid color dresses can be dressed up or down (depending on the style) and you can toss on accessories like scarves, belts or even a bold head wrap to change the look. I also go for bold prints to make me look stripes. The illusion my waist is smaller and I aint gotta suck in my stomach to snap a pic haha is what I love about patterns n prints. Even tho it'll be in the 80's this week in DMV I couldn't wait to throw this dress on. I'm just excited for sweater weather period. Mason's football season is over so I can free up more time for photoshoots-yaaaay!! Sephora VIB sale is also upon us so I gotta do a post on my makeup picks :) But I digress....

Jacket: +T.J.Maxx  ($30)
Bodyshirt: +Forever 21 ($15)
Belt: +H&M ($7)
Pants: +T.J.Maxx ($20)
Shoes: +Nordstrom Halogen ($60)
Shout out to my Paki Bae, Sunny who flicks me up during lunch haha

Dress: +ASOS ($20)
Shoes: +Nordstrom Rack Sam Edelman ($45)
Shout out to my sidekick Mason on the flicks

Something I really want to grab this season...some really nice black distressed stretch jeans. I've FAILED in my search for a pair thus far and really need to go to the mall (which I dislike) and actually try some on becuz it's sooooo hard finding THE right pair these days :( Please leave suggestions-Thanx!!! and noooow for some EXTRA PICS....

Lunch wit my girls at the harbor since Tiff (middle) got grown on us and took a job on the Cayman Islands **rolls eyes** The nerve of her leaving us for paradise lol. Thank God for What's App!!


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